How we build Resonate

#platform is where Resonate works on its digital products. Each product has its own sub-category here.

How we work

Here’s the tl;dr:

  1. We write a story(s) in the community

  2. We make designs in Figma

  3. We set an #platform:epics with stories, designs, and a date

  4. We code our epics on the date we set

For a longer version, here’s a diagram we made :slight_smile:


(if you want to make it look nicer, here’s the Sketch file: Resonate Development.sketch (205.2 KB), just post a better version below :wink: )

If you want an even longer version, just reply below with a question.

Who’s responsible for this?

Each product has a product owner and a lead developer, head over to the product category to check out who’s the product owner and dev for the product you’re interested in.

How do I get involved?

There’s a whole other topic for that!


Beautiful work! :partying_face: I hope everyone will observe this and appreciate!

Super-strong FAQ material.


Technology Goals and Principles

# Title Statement Rationale (why) Implications (examples of what this means)
1 Easy to visit Make it easy for anyone to visit, discover and listen for sample plays Growth! Allow unauthenticated visits for preview plays. Plentiful / easy social media interaction / integration.
2 Easy to Join Make it easy for new joiners Growth and co-op income! Simple, well-signposted signup pathways and easy payment options.
3 Trusted - Probity, Security and Compliance We protect and maintain the integrity of our service and member information against threats, taking a risk-based approach. We act with probity and transparency. We must comply with applicable regulations in jurisdictions where consistent with our co-operative values. Keep control of safe and secure ID handling in our ecosystem. Handle member funds and payments securely and accurately. Comply with GDPR, AML / KYC and Auditability.
4 Trusted - Privacy Ask only for information necessary to provide the service and always ask for permission before disclosure. No selling of user information. Build and retain the trust of the community. Comply with GDPR. Differentiates us. User is ‘self-sovereign’ in ID information. Allow members to easily and securely maintain/remove their membership data. Secured API’s. Encrypt and protect at rest and in transit.
5 Developer Friendly Make it easy for developers to find, join and get oriented so that they can engage in a satisfying and productive way. Affordability of development. Motivation, diversity and energy of the Resonate team. As simple as possible for client coding and support for our developer volunteers and make it easy for third party devs to link to / build on our service
6 Ecosystem Friendly The ecosystem platform will be at the centre of a co-operative and technical API ecosystem, not a ‘monolith’. An ecosystem approach is essential for growth and innovation API centric approach with well published and maintained developer materials and support. Microservices. API management.
7 Human Centric We prioritise human interactions between members and use technology to augment rather than replace the human element. Differentiates us. Humanises the co-op. We will innovate and use tech like AI and ML in the service of members (e.g. music discovery) and increasing productivity, only where appropriate.
8 Collaborative Governance We make rational transparent decisions between alternatives, based on agreed principles and processes. Co-operative principles. Better decision-making Architecture and Development governance processes to be created and followed. Transparency and best value (e.g. open source, commodity IT)
9 Open Source, W3C standards We prefer open source components and everything we do is open, where security permits. The commons. Better code. Better collaboration. PWA apps before proprietary, OIDC/OAUTH2 for identity, RESTful API’s, Docs and repos on GitHub
10 Green IT We prefer IT infrastructure services that are renewable powered and consider environmental impact in our IT decisions. Human solidarity and survival. Select renewable-powered data centres for hosting. Avoid inefficient technologies.