How you can help build Resonate

There’s a few ways to get involved, depending on what skills you have and what you’re interested in learning.

Contribute to product

If your skills are in product development, you can contribute to the creation of #story(ies) in the product categories in #platform. This is where the product features are decided on. Discussion there is led and facilitated by the Product owner for that category.

Contribute to design

If your skills are in design, you can contribute to the design of products based on our user stories. We do all that work in Figma. Head over to a product sub-category and get involved in a discussion, or reach out to the product owner or lead developer.

Contribute to development

If you want to contribute as a Developer, you can help with the implementation of Epics. Each Epic starts with a live kick off event (video call), where the Epic work agenda is finalised, we make sure the github projects are set up, and any un-assigned issues or development tasks are assigned. Look out for events in the #platform:epics category.

Other development tasks, outside of epics, such as helping to update dependencies, or other technical work that doesn’t fit into an epic, will be posted on an occasional basis in github issues with the “Help Wanted” label. You can respond to those issues if you want to help there too.

Contribute to project management

A project manager is a person who stitches all of this together. Currently project management is handled by a few Resonate staff, but over time we also hope to open this up to other contributors as well.