ID Server and User API

The Platform Epic for May to June is focused on the ID Server and User API.


The ID Server and User API are critical infrastructure for multiple Resonate services, including

  1. the player
  2. the upload tool; and
  3. the community

Other development work we want to do on these services is dependent on having the new ID server and User API in place. Our goal is to have v1 of the integrated User API and ID service deployed by the end of the epic.



  • @auggod - Developer - Focusing on the ID Server and API Integration
  • Robert (merefield) - Developer - Focusing on the User API
  • @angus - Developer and Project Manager


May to July 15.

Github Projects


@angus @Hakanto Is there a high-level description of the Data to be Migrated (step 2)?

I’m particularly interested how ArtistRole per line 22 correlates to “Music-Maker” membership and those user’s ‘powers’ in the co-op.

My feeling is that there is some significant work to be done around reviewing ‘qualifying events’ for ‘Music-Makers’ (ie which users are qualified to be Music-Makers).

If such review would have significant impact on the data sets to be migrated it would be productive to establish timelines and set expectation levels both for Member User stake-holders and for the Member Services team pursuing the ‘qualifying event review’.

If not, please disregard. :slight_smile:

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The data being migrated here is the existing resonate user data. We won’t be changing data handling significantly in this work (a few things around the edges), as the goal here is to move to the new infrastructure. We want to keep the number of moving parts to a minimum. I’ve udpated the description to reflect this.

This sounds interesting! We’ll need to discuss it in a few other places first before we get to the point of implementation (i.e. a development epic like this one)

  1. the strategy, i.e. how Resonate as an org wants to approach that question ← this is discussed outside of the #platform category (tbd)

  2. the product description, i.e. how the policy is implemented in the product ← this is what we discuss in the #platform category sub-categories

  3. the implementation of the product description ← this will be an epic


If the discussion is solely revolving around members/music-makers dividends it belongs in #business but if it’s also about the various forms of governance, votes, what needs to happen to earn that “music-makers” titles etc. then I think it’ll naturally fit in #co-operation

@angus @Hakanto … as background for the May epic on the ID server and User API, examples of material we should be including or linking to as ‘strategy’ content are Signup Policy and Member Conversion Strategy document and comment thread in Basecamp. Also the User and Membership API Processes document also contains some useful working materials incl early versions of the user stories…

whereas the current user stories and other product description material is in the User and Membership API specification document again posted in Basecamp, but a Google Doc with comments.


Epic Update

@directors I’m happy to say the @developers are ready to announce a completion and launch date for this epic. The new User API and ID Server will go live on July 15. After a week of deliberation on that date, Augustin and Robert have signed off on it, and it’s set in stone. They’re putting the finishing pieces on this work this week and will be testing thoroughly next week.

As mentioned above, you can see the development progress on Github, primarily in the projects on the ID server Repo:

The Next Epic

@Hakanto will be leading the product discussion around the next development epic, which will be focused on launching Player 7 (and retiring Player 6). He’ll be posting about that soon. The development work on that epic will start once this one completes.

Separately, the #platform:website team (@melis_tailored and @Timothee) are close to being ready to define a website epic focused on launching the new Hugo website. You can follow that in their category.


@directors This week is go live week. Rob, @auggod and I are having daily calls at 10am BST as they (Rob and Aug) figure out the final bits of this epic and we release to production.


@directors All development work is complete. We’re aiming to be 100% ready by Friday and then turn the switch (deploy everything to the live site aka “Production”) on Monday morning CET (never a good idea to deploy just before the weekend).

There will then be a weeks break before @Hakanto kicks off the next epic which will be focused on the Player and Website.

Following that @Nick_M will be leading an epic focused on Payment Processing (details to follow).

This topic will automatically close at the end of next week (closure signifying the end of the epic).


Congrats to the mighty devs @angus Rob @auggod and @marie (plus @Nick_M, the ‘resourcerer’) that closed this epic from 2018!!

Epic indeed!


Yes, congratulations! That is HUGE!! Awesome work, and thank you to everyone involved!


Congrats! Great news.


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