Identifier to distinguish between duplicate uploaded tracks


As an artist, admin or label using to upload music, I need each track to have a unique visible identifier. I need this so that I can tell apart duplicate uploaded tracks that otherwise have all the same information (title, etc).


Each track uploaded to Resonate does have a unique identifier already: the track ID number. If these were visible next to their respective tracks across the interface, it would be a one solution.


Not necessarily a bug, but an interesting issue. Thanks to @thehouseorgan for their uploading work, otherwise I wouldn’t have discovered this issue.

@thehouseorgan: Things got a bit jumbled [while uploading] and so, there’s 2 identical tracks uploaded. Both named ‘Iran Contra’ by Drug Dillon. Only one of the dupe tracks is attached to the single release. The other duplicate isn’t attached to anything. If that’s enough to identify it, can it simply be deleted? The release itself is fine, it’s just this floating extra track.

Here’s the problem. I’m looking at these two tracks on and realize I don’t have any way to know which of the two is the one on the release and which isn’t. As a user (and as an admin), it isn’t apparent which is safe to delete and which isn’t.

It’s clear there are some workarounds, but they aren’t intuitive. I was able to figure out which one was the release version (22774) by changing the track title and then returning to the tracks page.