If Resonate is basically a digital record store

…then shouldn’t we have some greeting people when they walk in?

Simple hack… ask listener volunteers to start a Telegram group, then send us the link.

A list of links can be posted on the welcome screen when someone signs up. Simple list of links and their regions/languages.

Should be safe in that the group moderator is free to kick someone out of the group if any weird goes down.

@richjensen @robthomas whatcha think?


I like greeting ritual. :slight_smile:

I think of Resonate more like villages or rooms or a kind of planet, but yes the way the best record stores were/are like temples of individual listening and delicate recommendations.

I’m probably too dense to pick up the design you are offering. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also: Why another Telegram group?

Telegram provides an opportunity for people to communicate safely and semi-anonymously. The problem with a volunteer greeter system (without our own custom messaging tool) is how people can chat without revealing personal details. Make sense?

Sometimes I’m very dense and I need to see things spelled out like 1 + 1 = 2 or just see the actual thing itself to get it.

So are you proposing that when people play a track they are told about a Telegram group? Or when they become a member? Or are you suggesting someone launch an autonomous or volunteer-affiliated Telegram group(s) ‘out there’ directing people back ‘here’ (besides the ones that may already exist).

Is this line of thinking following partly from this Discourse Community being invite only (presently) and Telegram being ‘Open’?

So are you suggesting Telegram could be the Resonate Doorway a greeter would be standing by and when someone joined Telegram, ie passed through the Doorway, the Resonate social protocol would be for someone there to say Hello?

Am I close? And the name of the Telegram Group might be Resonate?

Would there be a relation to the player or the membership page or this forum?

The UX I saw was…

  • volunteers around world create their own telegram group
  • those groups are listed on confirmation page and in welcome email (sorted by region and language)
  • the greeters answer random questions, help and create a sense of community
  • “security protocol” acts to deal with abuse or other negative situations

The reason for this process is that it requires no additional account logins and is more instantaneous for the type of communication. Also private in that it doesn’t reveal personal contact info.

That help?

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