Improving the listener on-boarding experience

Decided to share this in the community for feedback.

This page is the first thing listeners see after signup. Trying to encourage them in the idea of buying credits right away as well as making a habit of streaming via Resonate.

Eager for suggestions!

Love the minimalism of the direction for the entire site.

Putting the different pieces of text info on an auto-shifting carousel could help display all of the information within those slides without requiring user input, quickly covering all the bases, while seeming more alive. (That reveal of free credits is an instant mood booster but right now I’m afraid it may be missed by those trying to get to the music asap).

Similarly a marquee (or grid) of new/popular album art below, with links directly into listening (or with previews) may create a sense of what to expect once the player is launched.

Once the community is public this would be a great time to intro them to the forums as well (“Join the conversation!”) with popular posts shown right away.


I think it would be cool if we could gift credits via codes (similar to redeeming gift cards) to listeners as way to get them onto Resonate and to encourage the community aspect - similar to the ethos of ‘paying it forward’ in some way or another.


Absolutely @joshuajameswalker have been thinking about that for a while. Similar process for listeners to gift credits to artists (and editorial writers) as well, like a tip jar.

Requires not just a lot of coding, but also to make sure that it isn’t used to game the system somehow. For instance, we give .128 credits to all new signups. So we’d have to make sure that someone couldn’t give those credits away to another account, otherwise someone could just automate the process and stack up tons of credits, creating dummy accounts that passed on the free credits somewhere else. (We have to pay artists for those streams, so it would be a major cash drain if that was done.)


I think showing new users what their free credits equates to upon first sign up (co-op or otherwise) may be beneficial in getting more first-time users to top-up and also with helping them better understand the system upon first glance.


hey @jayt I made a quick modification to the welcome page:

Added a basic calculation of what the free credits equals. Also added an estimate of what a listener can expect from 5 euros purchase.

Really eager to hear, since you’re such a new member, if you think this approach is more direct.


It would be nice if the buttons could be more prominent some how (e.g. by putting them beside the text — see below).

In the future this could have some illustrations to immediately communicate the slide idea while at the same time making the navigation more inviting. I know, I know… it’s a lot of work and I could do it instead of suggestion. Maybe, let’s see… :wink:


Hello There,

I just recently experienced the onboarding, & I must admit that navigating through the various “zones” were not that simple : From the “vitrine” website, to the player, & the community zone.

Plus i did not see the slider (?).

If I may suggest ?
The part where you tell people how to add credit should be a little bit more explicit.
maybe something like “Manage your credits directly from the player” with a link to the player would be nice. “Then TOP UP credits from your account”.
I already underlined that the (…) menu is too little explicite. it might be better to have a little avatar there (one connected), to indicate that

  1. you are connected
  2. it’s your personal zone where you can deal with your settings & your credits.
    I think Top Up is not explicit enough for an international audience.
    => “Manage your credits directly from your player : then add credits from your personal account menu.”