Info - Resonate Digital Lounge Session Friday 18/09 at Reeperbahn Festival

We’re pleased to announce our online Digital Lounge session at Reeperbahn Festival and conference this Friday 18th September with very special guests. Join us to talk ethical streaming, hear what artists have to say, and check out our new work on privacy.

The session is for Reeperbahn delegates - digital tickets for the full 3 day festival are available Conference Ticket - Reeperbahn Festival


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I really enjoyed the conversations here.

Zola’s appeal to artists and listeners to get involved in building services that are a real alternative to the corporate platforms was inspiring. Being prepared to put up with a simpler experience. Being prepared to help out. I loved that.

She talked about the rewards and inspiration of artists having a more direct, community relationship with listeners and contrasted that with the exploitation of artists by big streamers…

…where an artist is a ‘content pusher’ and the platform is ‘content farming’, with expectations of productivity and commercialisation. “I didn’t make music to sell ******(product) or ********(product)”

Looking forward to more gems from this event!