Input need: scheduling new time for community team meeting

peace @community

i’m reaching out to see how people feel about moving our meeting time from 2022-02-09T01:00:00Z to sometime on Wednesday, maybe during the day or early afternoon EST.

looking to change time as to also accommodate for people based in europe who aren’t available at the time we usually meet. also, these night calls have been a bit difficult to manage.

anyone have a sense of times that may work for them on wednesdays?

i’m available between 2022-02-09T15:00:00Z2022-02-09T17:00:00Z and 2022-02-09T21:00:00Z2022-02-09T23:00:00Z

which would you prefer? morning or afternoon?

let me know as soon as you’re able and we’ll make the change.


pinging ppl below b/c you’re dope and have either been involved with this team or i’d like for you to be if you’re able to make time? it’d be nice to have calls align as to where we have critical mass of folks who’d be down.
@boopboop @richjensen @Hakanto @LLK @Sam_Martyn @KallieMarie @Nick_M @sganesh


4 - 6pm is a nice time slot for me, it’s true I’ve mostly been unable to attend to those meetings because of the time frame so far, I’d be happy to join!


realistically, I’ll be missing a bunch more meetings at these times since they’re during my work day, but I would be happy to be assigned tasks from the group if it’s better to change the time of day (permanently or temporarily).


Weds (9am) is typically a no go for me because I have work scheduled at that time. I could make a Mon, Thurs work at these times. Saturdays were really working for me. Thanks for tagging me I’ve been coming to the forum and struggling to find out when meetings are because I haven’t been to any in some time mostly cause I couldn’t find out what when stuff is. (The slider date bar at the right hand side of the screen confuses the hell out of me. No joke and for the record I have pretty bad dyscalculia. So having something with numbers that seeming goes forwards and backwards in time makes it hard to know if I have missed a meeting or it’s coming… So the tag was super helpful!) So yeah in summation the time slot I can make work but only on Mon/Thurs And a slightly alternate time on Saturdays.

The easiest way to find meetups is the Calendar button at the top of the forum – which is always visible from the main page: Click that Calendar button and you’re golden.

The slider bar on the right while viewing a topic is for simply for quick scrolling through a topic and its replies.

Ive looked at that calendar a million times and it still confuses me because I can see some meetings coming up, but then when I click to find out what the link is it brings me to this kind of lay out and I am then lost again. I still think the way meetings are rolled out could use some work. Perhaps an invite button for groups, similar to tagging. If I hadn’t been tagged I wouldn’t have known. Its likely I wont be able to make Weds, but at least I knew.


That’s good feedback; I can see the confusion. The link to the meeting and rsvp is always in the initial post of a thread – you’d have to scroll to the top to see it in the case that you’ve already been active in that thread. But the calendar doesn’t explain any of that in itself.

Discourse’s calendar/events plugin is pretty bare bones. I’ll think about how we can make this clearer despite that.


peace peace,

thank you to everyone whose given feedback.

we’ll keep the meeting the same day and time for the duration of this month. i’m hoping to get a bit more feedback before making the shift.

it’s looking like Thursdays 10am - 12noon EST (edited*) may be the best time slot. we also may change the frequency, (maybe bi-weekly) which could offer opportunities to link up asynchronously in the off weeks… those weeks it might make sense for some of us to link whenever it makes sense, like after a work day or something.

up for discussing tonight if anyone can make it and has ideas.

Community Team Meeting


FYI this corresponds to 10am - noon EST…

ah ok… noted. thanx for catching that

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I haven’t been able to attend any meetings and I’d like to just sit in at first so that I can start becoming more involved. 4:00pm-6:00pm on Wednesdays works well for me right now as well. Whatever works majority wise is cool with me.


peace @CritCity
where are you located?

(btw… you can click that calendar icon on the top row to open a widget that let’s you express a time and date in a way that everyone else reads in their local time zone)

For example, right now is 2022-02-10T17:41:00Z. That’s 9:41 am in Seattle.



Thank you for showing me that, Rich! I am located in Pennsylvania. So Eastern Standard Time.


peace everyone,

so after hearing the responses from people re: meeting/time change, i feel like it makes since to move our meetings to:

Every Other Thursday at 10am - 12 Noon EST starting this week 2022-02-17T15:00:00Z2022-02-17T17:00:00Z

i’m thinking moving forward we will start having these meeting bi-weekly. that being said, the hope would be for us to continue whatever we’re working on asynchronously and to check in periodically in the Community section of this forum.

@boopboop i’d completely hear you about the meeting times not working for you. i’m totally up for linking one on one to follow up on things discussed in our meetings, as well as outline different tasks/assignments that may come up related to our meeting(s). thank you for rolling with this!

we’ll try this out for a while and see how it goes. appreciate your patience and flexibility.

i’ll be sending out another reminder with an agenda for this meeting very soon

@KallieMarie @LLK @CritCity @piper @richjensen @Sam_Martyn @Hakanto @Nick_M @sganesh


These proposed times should work for me most weeks! I have work meetings Thursdays that start right when this would finish, so as long as I’m not hurrying to finish a big work project that morning I should be there. Thanks for organizing @brndnkng! I know it’s very challenging finding a time that works for everyone so please know that these efforts are appreciated.

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peace everyone,

i wanted to add tomorrow’s meeting information here for those who can make it.

10am - 12 Noon ESTbi-weekly starting this week 2022-02-17T15:00:00Z2022-02-17T17:00:00Z

@KallieMarie @LLK @CritCity @piper @richjensen @Sam_Martyn @Hakanto @Nick_M @sganesh @boopboop

Agenda Items

  • Configuration of Community Team (Short Team Objectives)
  • Social Media / Communications Support
  • Fundraising / Crowdfunding Support

i’m figuring we could draw items from the forum to build out and work on further, prioritizing order of tasks based on our cooperative needs. if anyone has additional agenda items, please do not hesitate to reply to this message

I’m so sorry I’ve missed this, again. I wish there was an invite that went to my inbox or something. I would definitely like to make time for meetings and be as present here for the community as possible. My sincerest apologies for my absence lately.

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