Inter-Organizational DSP Sync Up Meeting

lots of thoughts are coming up for me after attending the 1/17 meeting, watching the 1/18 meeting, and attending meetings yesterday. there are also threads / posts i started reading which i plan to return to… but even though me reading 1,000 or so posts pales in comparison to how much many of y’all who’ve been here for longer have read… i’m starting to experience the Resonate forum reading fatigue that a few people have mentioned recently. :face_with_peeking_eye: :confounded:

what possibility is there of pushing back the session to review Karim’s process… even just a little bit? the time frame of Jan 30 - Feb 5 is only 6 to 12 days out. i would have mentioned this yesterday but i didn’t think of it at the time, plus i was invited to join last minute and i wouldn’t have wanted to speak out of turn.

what plans are there to further discuss / identify nexts steps / follow through with implementing the different resolutions that passed after the AGM? i’m not necessarily suggesting folks wait until every single issue that came up during the AGM is decided on… or that every resolution that passed after the AGM is enacted… because that might take weeks / months. but i do think a little more breathing room seems like a good idea. there are matters such as who has the capacity to work and where / how Resonate operates that are unresolved. in my opinion, a little more collective clarity regarding those matters will likely lead to people being more present when making the decisions Karim is prompting.


i’m in agreement with pushing back Karim’s session for us to have our feet under us a bit more.

are there other questions along with those @honeyanhibiscus mentioned re: AGM resolutions progress, collective clarity on capacity, and how we operate) do we feel we need to have answered before we circle back again with Karim??

how should we go about doing this? would the worker-retrospective call work for this kind of convo? I kno folks are a bit exhausted with the weekly meetings. maybe we make them bi-weekly in this interim period?

i also kno Karim’s desire is to meet with at least 1 or 2 ppl (3ppl max) to walk thru the miro board and discuss. i’m wondering how we’d decide who’d be a part of that conversation and represent our collective interests. my persynal hope is that we have technical and non-technical people a part of this conversation.

when works well for us to have this convo? i also kno Karim is on contract right now and i’m unclear of quite how long we’ll have access to him considering his contract ends very soon. i wanted to share this b/c it’s also an important variable to consider w/ our planning.