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I won’t share this on resonate thanks to the 3 abusers on vocal duty on one of the albums in question, but it’s an interesting thread for us.

Excellent piece there! Thanks. ‘Faux ops’ and ‘solidarity theatre’ need to be called out.

Far better for a co-op to have a more transparent and public partnership with a b-corp or similar. Be clear about what is being traded and get the permission of members.

Best of all for co-ops to build solidarity in mutual exchange and support of each other. Again, with mutual permission.

Interesting conversation about playlists and digital music consumption from person who did all the psy-ops research at places like spotify and soundcloud. now making his own music community “marine snow” - i was approached by them for my artists.

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" Culture as creative refusal." Damn Graeber had such a knack for striking formulas.


Forbes allowing Ek to gloss over his recent move into creating smart battlefield maps with this new piece on how he’s planning to monopolise audio.


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Encourage y’all to post links to articles/press as new Topics under General. If each is its own Topic, then conversations can develop.


I’ll be forking these articles and replies into their own Topics bit by bit.

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