Interface bugs when purchasing credits or creating a playlist

Hey Resonate people !

I haven’t been around for a while, but seeing things seemed to be moving fast these last few months, I thought I’d go back to trying to be an active Resonate user and try to help with some input if it can help the team.

In the spirit of trying to bring something and also having a more precise view of the current state of the player and its user experience, I set myself up to create some playlists in the coming weeks to try and showcase some of the music that’s on Resonate if I can.

However, it seems there’s a problem when creating playlists, and more generally there’s a problem of… buttons being clickable? So I was wondering if there was some work being done right now on the player that voluntarily prevents from using those features, because I’ve been looking for more informations on it on the forum but couldn’t find any !

My experience so far has been : When I wanted to add credits, the “next” button was complicated to click on (basically it seemed like most of the button was unclickable except a small portion beneath the text where I had to find the pixel perfect space to click). That’s on Firefox by the way because on Chrome I couldn’t even click on “add credits” it just didn’t open any pop up window. Then once I managed to click on the “next” button, when I had to input cards informations, I noticed there was no way to click on either “expiration date” “security code” or even “back” and “next”, the only way to access those fields/buttons was to use the shortcut “tab to next cell”. And once I finally managed all that I also noticed there was no verification process for credit card payment which, although I don’t mind, was a bit surprising. One last thing : Once the you reach the “card data” screen in the “top up your resonate credits” window, there’s this weird behavior where the closing “cross/x” actually doesn’t close the window anymore, and to close it you have to counter-intuitively click outside the box on the main resonate page (which I don’t think should close the window actually in terms of UX).

I guess this is actually some sort of QA testing and maybe there’s a place for that, if so please show me where I can share these kind of UI-comments to help the dev better ! I just thought I’d mention it because it came as an immediate hurdle and as a result I couldn’t create any playlist !

I’d really love to help out more and making playlists is something I’m very much into, so please, if there’s a way to go about it, and if there’s a specific place where to share them so that they can be most useful for the current team building the platform, don’t hesitate to tell me or send a DM.

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Hey there, @Iamupinthecloud. Thanks for this info. Could you post some screenshots of these interface issues?

Do I understand correctly that you are having interface issues in two different areas?

  • when creating a playlist
  • when purchasing credits

That’s the idea, I have issues at those stages, let me break it down :

  • Adding credits

    next button is not fully working, I have to find the right spot for it to be clickable (precisely, below the “next” text) and then sometimes have to click multiple times (note that this behavior happens on Firefox, because on chrome, I can’t even open that pop up window)
    However at that stage the “x” button to close the pop up still works fine !

  • Credit Card Input

    At that stage, only “card name” and “card number” input fields are working, which means :
    “x” closing pop up button doesn’t work anymore
    expiration date isn’t clickable
    cvc isn’t clickable
    back and next aren’t clickable
    “stripe” isn’t clickable
    To close the pop up I have to click the darkned part of the page (which makes the pop up disappear and all infos vanish which is not ideal)
    To select the input fields I have to first select card name and then “tab” my way to the next input fields and buttons.

When this process is over, payment is validated without any kind of verification mechanism, which might be intended and I’m ok with it but is just a little surprising. No idea if there’s a way to get a receipt or invoice for the purchase of credits either.

Then there’s the playlist issue which is more simple and straightforward :

When I click add to playlist and want to create a new playlist (my first one) I get this

And nothing happens, and I’ve checked it didn’t create any playlist. Behavior is consistent across browsers.

Is the a forum a good place for QA or is there a dedicated place to indicate bug reports to the dev team?

Great detail here.

This Help Desk area of the forum is the best place for Q&A, sharing info about bugs, things that seem broken, or feedback about what’s confusing in our platform.

Alternatively, you could post issues directly to our github, but Help Desk is the best place for most folks.


Great, I really hope the playlist issue can be sorted out quickly so that I can at least start having some fun with the new player, but I just thought I’d mention the credits one too because it seems fairly critical in order to have a good experience with the platform, typically the moment where you pay is creating tension and that’s where you want the experience to be as smooth as possible on the user’s end so I think it’s not a detail. Thanks for the quick response !


Created github issues:

We’ll let you know when we get things fixed. @developers

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Just so you know, it seems like everything’s working now, for some reason (I should mentionned I tried all afternoon across several browsers and several computers). Edit: the “x” still doesn’t close the window at the credit card data stage but that’s the only remaining issue.

I have no idea if someone already solved it or if it’s something that comes and goes.

The playlist issue is still there though.

Edit 2 : I saw on the git ticket that this UI / pop up window will be retired in favor of a strictly Stripe checkout anyway so no need to bother indeed. Thanks @auggod for checking this out, no idea what was wrong this afternoon, and why it works now, the only thing that matters is that I managed to top up the credits using the tab shortcut anyway so that’s fine. I’ll check for when the playlist “null” thing is good.

Thanks to the dev team !


Thank you

I was able to reproduce the issue with playlist creation. It seems to affect only newly created releases/tracks.


I have fixed the issue with the playlist button. API was not returning a cover id for recently created tracks. It should fallback to the track group (release) cover id instead.

I don’t know how long we’ve been experiencing this issue.