👋 Introduce Yourself

Lovely, Tami! Thanks so much! Posting that link AGAIN :slight_smile:


Ok @Nick_M Who are you?

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Noooo… Called out of stealth mode!


Partner of Gill and Dad to the Kids.

Skip on various wooden sailing boats.

Engineer (mechanical) and Economist

Secretly creative draw-er and metal basher …music lover.

Tech / Biz architect of big old boring government systems, commercial ecosystems now hacking on cool stuff when I can

Lover of platform coops, community building and democracy

Hater of hierarchies and autocracy.

European Irish and Dutch immigrant… nomadic at heart.

Poem on my whiteboard: The Second Coming by WB Yeats (scary times!)

Listening to now: Hegemony by chalk horse music
(local band)…

See LinkedIn for the boring stuff / articles and smtngood.eu



Hope this is a good place to introduce myself.

I’m Tony, mostly working on a community oriented internet radio station and label called datafruits.fm. We feature artists from the US, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and more.
I do backend and frontend development as well as manage the station programming itself.

I am gradually becoming more interested in co-ops, as such I’m looking to help out here with my development skills. I’m also hoping to learn more about co-op structure and governance.

I really love the ground-up, community oriented approach here at resonate. This is exactly the kind of thing that I think should exist for music. I really believe some positive change can come from here if we put in the work.

I also do some drawings and animations, you can see some here:

I’m from Seattle originally, but I’m currently located in Seoul, South Korea.


WELCOME @datafruits! Thanks for checking in @Nick_M! Who’s next?

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Hey y’all, I’m Hakanto – pianist and singer-songwriter in english/esperanto in Houston, Texas USA. I’ve been slowly writing an album for a decade, and while it isn’t finished, you can find snips of it here and there. I discovered Resonate back in May while doing intensive co-operatives research after losing my job at the start of the pandemic. Since then, I’ve been welcomed into the crew after visiting a Community Call and have been contributing volunteer work near daily.

What I help with at Resonate:

  • sorting and writing emails in the members@resonate.is inbox
  • admin stuff here in the Community Forum
  • organizing music submissions for upload volunteers
  • pursuing better welcoming, coordination, communication, transparency, and collaborative processes
  • striving to understand Resonate as an entity, with the goal of helping others understand it and find a space for themselves in it
  • odds and ends, bits and baubles, this and that

Why I’m here:

  • I am fed up with conventional work dynamics and have seen how they’ve hurt me and past co-workers. I want to help build a place where folks can feel heard and have real ownership and agency – including myself.
  • As a musician, I would love to make a bit of actual money from my art, and share camaraderie with artists and listeners around the world. I think Resonate’s model is really unique, and we’re only just getting started seeing what Resonate can be.
  • I crave collaboration and creativity. I see co-operatives as an antidote to the political malaise of a world where we often can feel irrelevant, alone, and unrealistically responsible for our personal well-being.

I’ve primarily worked foodservice, which developed in me a deep appreciation for work that is very difficult yet starkly undervalued. So now I’m investing in co-ops, as I believe they are an ideal place to practice democracy and care for each other – and with economic rewards too.

Some things I love: making and teaching espresso, absurd humor, Esperanto, the oxford comma, absurd humor, Dead Cells

Some things I despise: green bean casserole, how much wealth Jeff Bezos controls, food-scented soap



My name is KP and I’m a DJ/Producer/Design-Thinker


Music is forever < 3


@gintoki @kpmadman @Hakanto (and @tamimulcahy!) PEACE. Thanks for checking-in. So glad to have you. How’s your experience been so far? Are you finding things that are worthwhile and/or need work?


Hells bells you do a lot. Thank you for what you do for the community!


Hey wouldnt have invested non if I did not think this could catch as and is a good concept.
As for thoughts atm I would like to elaborate on those as the days move along = )


Hello, I’m Sylvia, lyricist, vocalist, and stuff in NYC bands Tremosphere and Bipolar Explorer.
I’m French, I usually divide my time between France and the US, but you know…
I’m fairly new to being to the other side of music, meaning I’ve been a long time listener, and only a music maker myself for a few years.
I learned about @richjensen and Resonate on Twitter, and am very much into making the world a better and fairer place :slight_smile:



My name is Sam Martyn.

I just found out about Resonate this week, and I love everything about it!

After hearing/seeing all of the ‘Justice at Spotify’ campaigns, the entrepreneur in me kicked in, and I saw a great opportunity to create a new platform that could meet all of these artists’ demands.

While doing some more research and networking these past few weeks, I stumbled upon Resonate. After reaching out and eventually talking with @richjensen, @Hakanto, and @Nick_M, I really love everything that Resonate is doing, and what it stands for, so I am hoping to help make Resonate a big success!

I have experience in digital marketing, (startup) entrepreneurship, and I also spend time playing guitar, producing music (mainly electronic), and DJing in my spare time.

In working with startups for the past few years now, I have seen the directness and strategic approach that an idea needs to have to be successful. It is amazing to see what Resonate has been able to accomplish so far, and I am hoping to use my own entrepreneurial experience and skills to help Resonate continue to accomplish its goals, and grow as a platform!

As mentioned before, I feel there is a wonderful opportunity here for change within the music industry (and the entire creative industry - my ultimate goal), and I want to make sure that Resonate is able to build off of this momentum and create something great!

Thanks, and I look forward to getting to work!
– Sam Martyn


Hi everyone!

My name is Jake and I release music under the name DEADPAN. I rap (freestyle and written) and produce.

I started as a freestyle rapper in college about 4 years ago, and have been recording and releasing music for a little over two years. I mainly make lo-fi and abstract hip-hop, but appreciate and engage in all sub-genres of hip-hop. I spent time in college in labor organizing, and working-class power greatly informs my art and life. That’s initially what got me really excited about this platform, as I see it as a means for musicians to gain increased ownership over their work.

I love collaborating and just community-building in general, and am looking forward to getting to know you all. I just recently graduated college, and am now based in NYC.

Keep in touch on social media! I’m @deadpanpr everywhere.

Peace, power, and safety, everyone.

DEADPAN :black_heart:


Welcome @deadpan ! Great that you’re joining our journey together!


Peace @deadpan and @Sylvia and @gintoki!

I’m still getting used to this forum and missed your introductions. Great to have you all on board!

Please ask questions or share something that has got your attention right now. Also please check out the weekend governance circle meetings. This forum is yours and it will be an important tool of connection for members.

The intent behind the governance circle is to collaboratively bring forward purpose, methods and standards for decision-making and accountability among members and teams utilizing the forum. Also, the meetings have been really interesting places to connect with other members. Please come through. It may sound kind of boring but it’s not, because you’re not!


Ready to make some noise!!!


You bring a lot to the Resonate table. Thanks!


Thanks Nick for posting the video. Excited that last week legendary environmentalist, Bill McKibben, got wind of the video and shared it in his newsletter. He’s the founder of 350.org. I feel so honored and still blown away.


Thanks! I love how enthusiastic everyone in this community is, and how many people are interested in building something great! I look forward to getting to know everyone, and working with everyone as well. You all have great perspectives that I know will help make Resonate a better place to be!