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Thanks Nick for posting the video. Excited that last week legendary environmentalist, Bill McKibben, got wind of the video and shared it in his newsletter. He’s the founder of 350.org. I feel so honored and still blown away.


Thanks! I love how enthusiastic everyone in this community is, and how many people are interested in building something great! I look forward to getting to know everyone, and working with everyone as well. You all have great perspectives that I know will help make Resonate a better place to be!


That’s so amazing! I am so happy for you! Been following 350.org for … Years!


Hello Everyone, I appreciate the longform intros, and I’ll do my own in kind.

We are Vertica (a plural system). I’ll write in the singular as Vira, though. Music has always been very important to me. As a neurodivergent person who always felt fish-out-of-water in the institutions as well as the “open-office”, securing a work-from-home position as a programmer has been a privilege.

I’ve tried to use that time to educate myself on current events, political theory and more pointedly, how to organize to improve everyone’s lives and reduce suffering.

“Digital Mitosis”; or growing away from/becoming independent of services like Spotify is of utmost importance.

Efforts toward Local Self Reliance (Building Local Power – Institute for Local Self-Reliance) inspire me, and I’m trying to find ways to leverage my talents to contribute to such efforts.

I was elated to find Resonate. Even more so to note the active presense on Twitter & Instagram. To note that the beta web-player is snappy…and also provides some decent “focus-zone” music when punching in “instrumental”…well suffice to say I am cautiously optimistic for all of us, and so today I made my annual membership official.

Video Games, like music, have been a huge part of my life.
Perhaps my favorite (non-multiplayer) game is Fallout New Vegas. My current muse is learning everything about the lore of the group “Followers of the Apocalypse”, who go around doing mutual-aid, sharing information/education and medical care. The storytelling of this game is second to none and they really nailed it.

I beleive that by sharing knowledge and resources, we can abolish poverty, scarcity and even war. I’m very, very interested in copy-left while also making sure artists are properly credited and compensated.

So…I have an idea:

If anyone is interested, I would like to promote --both artist’s and the platform Resonate itself-- at a “digital street team” level. I am hoping to feature your songs in gameplay videos, which can garner quite an audience on platforms such as Youtube and Twitch (at least until we can create a co-op version of those.)

I am looking for song with lyrics that encourage the listener to question authority and think for themselves. The sentiment of what Zach de la Rocha writes, for example. Propaghandi, ATR, ‘Fanny Walked the Earth’ all have inspired me to keep asking questions and I think it’s really important to encourage others to ask the same questions.

I try to feature such songs in the “between the action” segments in footage from the popular Battle Royale PUBG. Matches tend to last 20-30 minutes. I specialize in the aerial vehicle within the game known as the Glider. Sometimes it’s driving a jeep or a bike. I’ll sometimes engage “tuning the radio” sound effects and then display a credit with the song and artist name, along with some on-screen narration, tips and tricks sort of thing.

I have examples which feature music from acts such as Brass Against (covering RATM), however I remain skeptical of publishing them because of ever-shifting copyright malarkey. I could share these as unlisted, if there’s any interest, in seeing what I can do.

I would greatly, GREATLY appreciate to feature groovy songs with lyrics that have something to say. I could use the opportunity to encourage the audience to try out Resonate.

All of that idea is just one example, for one niche interest. I could see myself making videos for other games for sure.

I believe there’s many other gamers out there who aspire to be content creators, and that were this to become common practice, the potential reach could be massive.

Finally: If you have a cooperative that needs the skills of a Programmer/Software Engineer, I’m currently bored out of my skull building, maintaining and migrating ecommerce software as a wage-slave for small-time capitalists.

Thanks for reading all that! Suffice to say I am energized, creative and looking forward to collaborating with yall.


Hello all,

I discovered this streaming platform a few weeks ago, and it still resonates with me. My angle might be different from other members though, so let me try to explain where my interest comes from.

Me: a teacher in statistics from the netherlands, an amateur lover of various kinds of music, and since the beginning of this year: a privacy idealist.

I am part of the /e/ community. (/e/OS is a privacy-friendly alternative operating system for the smartphone.)

Via this community I learnt about many, privacy-respecting alternatives for whatsapp, facebook, google search, google maps, etc, but not for the spotify app (which happens to relay your data about your taste in music and podcasts etc straight up to facebook). I searched a long time, in many places, probed several experts, i asked spotify if there was a privacy-friendly way to listen to ‘their’ music, but all to no avail.

So yes, my angle is the privacy one, in combination with some healthy scepticism against big tech. When I finally heard about Resonate (in some firefox overview of new digi initiatives if i remember it correctly) i was already intruigued, and once i learnt about the cooperative model and the fascinating payment plan, i was hooked.

I didn’t know any of the artists I must say. Yes, for a moment i wondered where i could find the rolling stones. But after exploring the site and discovering so much new music, I am more excited than before.

So, a big thank you to the developers and the musicians and all the enthusiastic volunteers on this platform!


Thanks! Take a look at this thread too:

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Fantastic story!

btw, The Rolling Stones are welcome, but we don’t need them.

Serving catalog is a different business than serving artists and active listeners.


well met all!

It’s good to be here; glad to have found this emerging safe-haven for those who have a love for the wonderful magic that is music! I arrived here by luck as I was searching for ‘ethical music streaming platforms’ online and Resonate popped up in the results! It’s wonderful to read your intro’s here and this seems like a really good thing to be part of :green_heart:

For my part, like so many, I have come to know music as the key to so many things. Growing up it quickly became the key to open the door to learning and daydreaming… the key to connection with others close to me (my late brother, who was a powerful influence on me gave me my first cassette - the Beatles ‘Blue Album’ which i listened to endlessly on an old radio shack mono cassette recorder)… then later, as a teenager at college as the '90s began it connected me to a friend who is still my best friend today… music connected me to digital art on my Amiga and that’s when i began doodling and then it connected me to a band where i played bass guitar till about '98 - we were called Dead But Dreaming and as you may guess we played a lot of Fields of the Nephilim covers and made a lot of melodic goth rock stuff.

Sorry, i am ramling now so i will speed it up! From '98 till about 2009 my creativeness kind of dried up in both artwork and music as i went through some pretty dark times, but listening to other peoples music absolutely got me through that. Then I met my second wife and I cannot tell you how better things got :heart: I began to draw again and once more to make music. I should say at this point that Public Domain is a big passion for me - it sprang from the diskettes of the computer demoscene of the 80s/90s and i try to create music and art that people will not only enjoy listening to but can also use or remix themselves; currently i use bandcamp as a platform for my music and of course it’s all free (if people ever do choose to pay then that money goes back into equipment costs). Speaking of equipment, I was using a few vintage computers for chiptunes and samples, C64, Atari STE, Acorn Electron, but now everything is analogue on what I call the Electrog Rig - noise generator, synth, sequencer in a rig that i’ve put together (I am going to do a youtube vid to introduce it soon) and naturally I still have a PC to continue with the artwork, though most of the artwork I do now is related to the music project.

Anyhoo, so sorry for dribbling on for so long! The music project is Deep One Insaniam and it’s space rock/electrogoth/alternative.

Good to be here! Peaceout,
Stuart :black_heart:


Hello, all. My name is Michael.

I’m a mild-mannered engineering type by day, and I dabble in experimental drone ambient under the moniker “remst8” when the confluence of spare time and motivation allow.

My professional experience began as a software engineer 25 years ago (the last 22 with my current employer), eventually working my way up into–and then back out of–management. For the past 5 or so years, I have been serving in a process architect role which has been a great fit for me. Since I lived through the growing pains my employer went through as they evolved from a small company to a much larger corporation and experienced the subsequent impacts to my fellow team members first-hand, I wanted to help the company scale while also setting the project teams up for success (including mechanisms to drive management accountability).

Process development is a lot like software development…you’re just using the least efficient programming language (English) to write code (process) for the most powerful yet least deterministic computers (people). The real tricky bit has been trying to figure out pragmatic ways to balance regulatory requirements against human behaviors and business objectives.

My music endeavors have been an on-again/off-again hobby of playing with tracker programs since the early '90s. Much like @deep_one_insaniam, the demoscene was an influence on me in my college years. I don’t have any “real” musical training aside from some elementary school band classes, but trackers have always made sense to me. I started with NoiseTracker & ProTracker on a friend’s Amiga 500 and eventually bought my own Amiga 500 in college, later finding my way to OctaMED. Making the jump to PC, I used ScreamTracker for a bit, then used Impulse Tracker for quite awhile. A couple years later I began using ModPlug Tracker, and was pretty heavy into that until discovering my current DAW of choice: Renoise (first on PC, now on Mac–gotta love cross-platform applications).

I can’t say I truly mastered any of those trackers, as I had a history of playing with one for a couple months, then life would intervene and pulled me away for far too long and I would have to start all over again. The core concepts are the same, but each one has its own unique capabilities. Around 2010, I made a stronger commitment to keep at it regularly. By 2013, I scraped together enough material to self-publish my first EP (and began my love affair with Bandcamp).

For many years I considered myself a fan in artist’s clothing, with no intention nor expectation of earning a living off my hobby. I attended some local and regional experimental/underground music events–the kind where 99% of the audience was also the line-up. The rarity of their art (and audience) bred an inviting and encouraging community spirit. Despite my introversion, I made friends there and the corresponding online communities. They encouraged me to share my own work, and I was pleasantly surprised that some of them actually liked it. Through the encouragement and collaboration of those relationships, I eventually graduated to “experienced novice”.

2019 was crazy productive for me as an artist, with multiple releases via compilations, collaborations, and a long-form piece. Unfortunately, that ground to a halt in 2020 due to COVID. I’m extremely fortunate that I’ve been able to work from home, but had to commit the sin of using my “studio space” as my “home office”. After spending a workday in that room, it’s difficult to find the motivation to spend even more time there. But, honestly, at a time like this it’s probably best for me to put that aside and focus on supporting the artists who derive their income from their art. As mentioned above, this has been an on-again/off-again affair.

I actually joined Resonate in late 2016, as part of the crowd campaign. I uploaded my self-released music when I could and passively followed along. Again, I didn’t have any grand aspirations with my music, but I was intrigued by the cooperative platform proposition. Now that I have more experience and a broader perspective, I believe in Resonate’s mission more strongly and feel like I should contribute more–in balance with my other responsibilities, of course. The recent Annual General Meeting was quite inspiring, and I’m very encouraged to see such passionate and competent people at the helm. I will try to be more engaged moving forward, and look forward to finding ways to contribute within my means.


Welcome! Wonderful report. Thank you for sharing.


My name is Eli. I’m a 21 y/o electronic music producer from Portland, OR. I really hope to become involved with Resonate, as it very accurately reflects my hopefulness for society as a whole and not just the music industry. Ahhh, if only people like you bunch were in charge… Anyways, I’m more passionate about music than anything else and in turn, the music industry. I really hope we will the it grow out of the place it’s currently in.
I’ve been making music for 11 years now (I’m starting to lose count, honestly) and I only grow more passionate about it as time goes on. I released an album and 3 singles in 2020.
I’m not super great at talking about myself so I’ll just say that Resonate has exposed me to some insanely good music in a way that no other streaming platform has done for me before and I really appreciate that. I’m hyped to become more involved with the platform and the community in any way I possibly can.
Thanks!!! :kissing_heart:


Awesome thanks for sharing, and glad to have you here!


Hi all!

My name is Colin, I’ve been an Artist Member for some time now, though admittedly not as active in the past as I’d like to have been, but I’m aiming to change that.

I’m a musician/recording engineer/DJ/composer/sometimes poet originally from a small town in BC, Canada but currently based in London, producing music as Mor Air and previously released music as Spurz too. I also do a monthly show on Threads Radio here in London should anyone be after some nice mixes to bliss out or work to.

Keenly interested in how artists and fan communities can work together to create a fairer ecosystem, so looking forward to putting in some work with everyone here. Messages are always welcome if you want to chat, share music or just say hey!


I’ve been casually observing from a distance as a fanatical music listener / technology nerd. I don’t actually know how I could help, but everyone has something to offer. First and foremost I’m a music listener but I also defend streaming services for a few reasons.

Maybe not many people remember trying to stream radio over a 56k modem and few will recall trying to take a music video home from campus over 5 floppy disks via winzip, but we’ve come a long way and amazingly are still able to keep SomaFM on the air. Without the streaming services, music listening can easily slip back into piracy. Streaming is more than income, lowers the barriers to gaining audiences and allows for greater artistic expression.

I gravitated towards Last.fm not as a streaming service but as a social network. The forums around music that Last.fm had were truly awesome. Spotify opens up the possibility of that quite essential connecting glue of music listening … Mixtapes. Legal mixtapes. I can fling anyone a Spotify playlist and it’s legal. I’m not doing anything wrong, it’s above board. streaming is a great previewing platform and starting point and is more legal than the hype machine ever was.

So the notion to me that streaming is evil because of per play rate is baffling. It’s a tool, used correctly it can have an extremely positive impact on connecting artists to listeners.

I help crowd fund EP’s or other production needs. I grew up in Birmingham, I actually worked for the Co-op, both in the retail and travel sector and quite often received a divy. I’m currently working in Healthcare IT around front end development and UX in Nashville, Tennessee.

I like to get things done and make some noise doing it. I enjoy live music to the point where the synergy of that and photography enhance my own experience of the moment.

If people stopped complaining about streaming and started looking for solutions we could see some collaboration that could be truly inspiring.


Hi all, just a listener here but excited about the idea of helping better online music listening be born. Can’t offer much than my annual fee for now, but so glad to join you. I do have connections with the synthwave scene and will perhaps influence people to give this a try as artists (there is a historic love between synthwave and bandcamp already btw). Much love from Brussels.


Hey everyone :wave:
Lovely to be here! Similar to Filip above, I’m based in Belgium and am mostly just a listener keen to explore this alternative way of discovering and hearing music. In particular, I’ve been enjoying @goethestreetquartet’s album Grey Matters :blue_heart:

Looking forward to getting to know the community and seeing what I can bring to it. I’ll try to come along to the next community call on Wednesday :+1:


Peace @MorAir. Thank you for coming through and sharing.

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@duracell80 @filip.galetic @jpick @MorAir @elixlary So good to have you here and for sharing in this forum.

Know that everyone involved is currently intimidated and confused by the lack of documentation and established process. Volunteer Members are working on this but it is very much a case of building an airplane while in flight!

So please, if you have questions, ask away.

There are a number of work groups engaged in things like uploading music, coding, building a volunteer orientation process, setting out first quarter goals for the co-op, building governance processes for this forum, setting up another General Meeting at the end of March, conducting needs/wants surveys… and more and more. Please get in if you feel it and want to be a part.

Meanwhile, probably the easiest and most direct way to grow the project is to listen to music on the platform and when you find stuff that moves you, simply share it. Seriously, that’s it.


Thanks for saying hi, and I really appreciate the music recommendation! @goethestreetquartet’s album “Grey Matters” is a great listen, and I would have never even knew about them if it wasn’t for you pointing them out!

Glad to have you on board @jpick, along with all of our other new community members: @MorAir, @duracell80, @filip.galetic.

Thanks for joining!


Thanks @jpick and @Sam_Martyn for the nice words! We are happy to be part of the community and part of this large experiment to change the music industry.

Tom of the @goethestreetquartet