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Watch out for our video coming out soon on Resonate and Community Credentials… we have a lot to say about this and have been busy on some exciting alternatives :wink:. Platform co-ops need to work together.


Here’s the link to a rough-cut version (on YouTube unfortunately - our ‘grantors’ want it up there for the moment)


I got a video unavailable!

oops sorry! we had a last minute update and I forgot to refresh the link!



Thanks for inviting me to this community. My name is Guy Birkin. I found out about Resonate around 5 years ago, and have been making some of my music available on the platform since then. I don’t use streaming much for my own listening habits - I prefer to buy & download - but I’m happy that Resonate exists and I’m happy to support it.

I’ve been making experimental electronic music and field recording under my own name for around the last 10 years, with releases on Entr’acte, Fluf, New York Haunted, and SUPERPANG. Before then I played bass and sometimes guitar in various bands. I also write about music on my blog, Aesthetic Complexity, I occasionally write reviews for The Wire magazine, and sometimes write album blurbs for labels/artists. I also do analysis and technical things for musicians, like spectrograms or data visualisation, e.g. for EVOL, Phillip Illinsky, Lucy Railton. I’ve also been part of the Disquiet Junto since its inception - a group set up by Marc Weidenbaum (Disquiet.com) where he sets a musical assignment each week, and participants have the weekend to make something to fit the brief. I like the participatory aspect and the sharing of notes and getting feedback - it’s been a useful practice as a musician.




Thanks for coming through. I found your work on Resonate (in random shuffle mode) in 2019 and quickly became a fan / advocate / active-listener.

I am so glad you chose to put some time toward sharing words here as well!
Please help direct this community toward an environment that works for you and your friends in music. Feel free to DM me anytime to setup a time to talk, or come through the Wednesday check-ins 1700 GMT.

(Obvs ~ Invite open to all!)


Hello hello!
Nacho here. I’m from Argentina and I’ve been around for a few years now. After learning of all the economic concentration and cultural manipulation the big platforms are pouring into this world, I have become in love with Resonate.

My professional background is in Business in Tech but I also dedicate time and energy to my music. I can help with Product Management but also with other business related efforts that may be needed.

Glad to see the community is growing and how much progress it’s been made towards the new player. Really amazing!!! Big thanks to everyone involved!!! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to collaborating!


So great to see you back Nacho! Thanks for coming through this week. I hope we can build time for mutual benefit. :raised_hands:t4:


peace good people,

my name is brandon (all lowercase*) and i’ve been a member of resonate for a little over a year and a half now, but have been involved more recently over the past six months working primarily on member orientation and volunteer coordination…

i was gonna put like an “official” bio, but i like my artist bio much better and feel like peeps here in resonate might vibe more with it.

i (leon grey) am a dj/sound-selector from the atlantic ocean by way of hampton roads, virginia. i create visual art, orchestrate soundscapes, and exercise my love for us as a cultural worker and community organizer. until this global shift of 2020, i called jackson mississippi my base. as a founding member, cultural organizer, event coordinator, cooperative developer, and program coordinator of Cooperation Jackson, where i struggled to actualize Black self-determination and economic democracy in the Black-Belt South of the so-called united states.

the work i do is political, spiritual, and intimate. for the past decade, i worked to open space to interrogate and dream about reorganizing h(is)tory and our current social order as a community organizer. i’ve had the privilege of performing as a sound selector across turtle island and beyond, in my hometown in virginia, as well as places like new york city, charlotte north carolina, atlanta georgia, detroit michigan, montreal and toronto canada, new orleans louisiana, austin and fort worth texas, santa rosa california, and veracruz mexico. my most recent international performance took place in a visual arts studio space in hackney london in the late summer of 2019.

ultimately, i’m interested in taking people on sonic journeys irrespective of musical genres or labels. while spinning records, i create, compliment and juxtapose sonic vibrations within space, enabling an environment of expansiveness and time travel, conjuring pathways of healing through an unrepressed spectrum of joy and despair. my practice honors my ancestors that comforts me from those vast waters yet rages against opaque space-time constricts that i exist within and produce from. i work toward/through/against conflict such as truth/myth, joy/despair, free/unfree, value/disposability, temporal dimension, body and Blackness.

i recently had a mix up on montez press radio last friday and should be up on my music platforms v soon. def feel free to peep some of my sounds in the meantime.

mixcloud page
soundcloud page
creative content page (that also includes some of my visual art)

but yah, looking forward to connecting with like-minded people and building out this platform which i feel has tremendous potential for cultural bearers to have true autonomy, to be in control of our labor value, and to be able to engage in a process where it’s managed democratically. that all sounds really dope to me and i’m game for working towards it, especially b/c i see it as a direct link to working towards repairing many of the harms and extraction that has happened and continues to happen to marginalized peoples.

def hmu if u wanna build. i’ll be around :call_me_hand:t5:


peace brndn

thanks for sharing the opportunity to build with you.




I first read about Resonate as one of three alternatives (SonStream being another) to Spotify via an article in the Incredible Reading Focused App platform called ReadUp.com (another super ethical and transparent and positive app in the world to make us all better).

I made a commitment to checking these alternatives out as a result of the article read.

I am excited to plug in here now both as an artist and a listener (I enjoy ecstatic dancing outdoors in nature so new music is welcome for that).

My current songwriting and music making moniker is HourGlass Mandala. Here is the link: Hourglass Mandala | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Due to a defective device I have been limited to only experimenting with programmed beats and sounds via GarageBand rather than organic instruments. I am eager to get back to writing on a piano. So a lot of the newer stuff on SCloud has been electronic based cover songs. I have recently posted some original ideas that need more production finesse, etc.

Some of my older SoundCloud tracks are just me and a piano or guitar or vocal experiments. I have also had opportunities to collaborate with friend musicians on original material also found there.

I am excited to dive in here and spread the word amongst artists and learn how to be active and contributing as a new co-op member.

I also volunteer at our local co-op grocery store in Taos, NM. In fact we just had a grand reopening in a new space and I won a reiki session which I am excited about.

I will explore more. Feel free to call me hummingbird or humming.verbs. (a writing and visual artist moniker) here. My birth name is Jeremy.

Glad to be here and looking forward to the new app and player launch. As a newbie, the player was one of the first things I noticed needing improvement. Excited to know that is a priority.


Hello all,

My name is Sarina. I was on the volunteer orientation yesterday. I would love to start to support. I’ve filed my onboarding form.

I’m a music and touring industry worker. I’m also the majority-worker, and majority shareholder of a very small touring equipment rental business. In the Fall, I’ll be starting law school to specifically come out as a lawyer that provides services to Community Land Trusts, and all of their entities such as worker cooperatives. Music industry is the industry I come from, and where most of my capitalism critique has developed from, along with reading works by Dr Jared Ball, Huey P Newton, Marx, Richard Wolff, and more.

Here is my resume:

• legal
• funding



I’m extremely happy to see new volunteers show up with a desire to help on the paralegal front. It’s an area that I think is not only necessary overall, it’s also necessary for it to be treated from a critical perspective based in a good comprehension of what “the law” means in a capitalist economy. I’ll be looking forward to read your various thoughts on those issues, I’m sure you’ll have a lot to bring and we’ll have a lot to learn !

Thank you for chiming in.


Thanks so much. Yes, that’s how my eye is attune to the legal frameworks of the capitalist world.


Hi :wave: My back catalogue just arrived on Resonate today. Thanks @Hakanto for communicating well!

I’m a Canadian jazz bassist. Just about to send an email to my audience introducing them to Resonate—excited for what’s to come!


Welcome @will @sarinapl @jowensster !!

Thank you for dropping by and saying hello.

I want to point out that this forum is a pale image of the vibrant democratic village we hope it can become with your help. For those inclined to meet up and build this space in ‘real time’ we have open meetings each Saturday at 2021-04-03T18:00:00Z.

More info here: Saturday Forum Open Governance Circle Meets April 3 - 11am PST / 2pm EST / 1800 GMT - New Time!


Love your latest album @will !


Thank you, means a lot! :pray:


Hey everyone! (a quick intro for myself)

My name is Devin Gray, I am a drummer/composer from NYC, and Berlin now, working mostly in the Jazz and improvised music worlds.

I’m excited to start working with Resonate with my record label Rataplan Records NYC

Always down to learn more and connect!
Sending you all the best of vibes



Hello! My name is Kevin and I co-run Topshelf Records out of the US. I’m located in Portland, OR but the rest of our staff and operations are sprawled out all over the US. We’ve had a substantial portion of our catalog on resonate for a few years now, our in-house publicist William Osiecki has penned an op-ed for y’all previously (https://medium.com/resonatecoop/sent-from-my-ipad-6f5fba2c8d7c), and I have had some chats with @peter in the past. I have been largely absent from this community and the resonate eco-system in general for the past few years, only periodically checking in. I want to change that and I want to help to change that for other people as well. So I’m excited to contribute and learn from everyone else here. If you’re interested in Topshelf, we’ve been a label for 15 years, getting started in punk and hardcore but since expanding into new sonic realms and generally trying to apply a genre agnostic approach to the music we curate and artists we work with. Our website is topshelfrecords.com. Psyched to be here!