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I first read about Resonate as one of three alternatives (SonStream being another) to Spotify via an article in the Incredible Reading Focused App platform called ReadUp.com (another super ethical and transparent and positive app in the world to make us all better).

I made a commitment to checking these alternatives out as a result of the article read.

I am excited to plug in here now both as an artist and a listener (I enjoy ecstatic dancing outdoors in nature so new music is welcome for that).

My current songwriting and music making moniker is HourGlass Mandala. Here is the link: Hourglass Mandala | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Due to a defective device I have been limited to only experimenting with programmed beats and sounds via GarageBand rather than organic instruments. I am eager to get back to writing on a piano. So a lot of the newer stuff on SCloud has been electronic based cover songs. I have recently posted some original ideas that need more production finesse, etc.

Some of my older SoundCloud tracks are just me and a piano or guitar or vocal experiments. I have also had opportunities to collaborate with friend musicians on original material also found there.

I am excited to dive in here and spread the word amongst artists and learn how to be active and contributing as a new co-op member.

I also volunteer at our local co-op grocery store in Taos, NM. In fact we just had a grand reopening in a new space and I won a reiki session which I am excited about.

I will explore more. Feel free to call me hummingbird or humming.verbs. (a writing and visual artist moniker) here. My birth name is Jeremy.

Glad to be here and looking forward to the new app and player launch. As a newbie, the player was one of the first things I noticed needing improvement. Excited to know that is a priority.


Hello all,

My name is Sarina. I was on the volunteer orientation yesterday. I would love to start to support. I’ve filed my onboarding form.

I’m a music and touring industry worker. I’m also the majority-worker, and majority shareholder of a very small touring equipment rental business. In the Fall, I’ll be starting law school to specifically come out as a lawyer that provides services to Community Land Trusts, and all of their entities such as worker cooperatives. Music industry is the industry I come from, and where most of my capitalism critique has developed from, along with reading works by Dr Jared Ball, Huey P Newton, Marx, Richard Wolff, and more.

Here is my resume:

• legal
• funding



I’m extremely happy to see new volunteers show up with a desire to help on the paralegal front. It’s an area that I think is not only necessary overall, it’s also necessary for it to be treated from a critical perspective based in a good comprehension of what “the law” means in a capitalist economy. I’ll be looking forward to read your various thoughts on those issues, I’m sure you’ll have a lot to bring and we’ll have a lot to learn !

Thank you for chiming in.


Thanks so much. Yes, that’s how my eye is attune to the legal frameworks of the capitalist world.


Hi :wave: My back catalogue just arrived on Resonate today. Thanks @Hakanto for communicating well!

I’m a Canadian jazz bassist. Just about to send an email to my audience introducing them to Resonate—excited for what’s to come!


Welcome @will @sarinapl @jowensster !!

Thank you for dropping by and saying hello.

I want to point out that this forum is a pale image of the vibrant democratic village we hope it can become with your help. For those inclined to meet up and build this space in ‘real time’ we have open meetings each Saturday at 2021-04-03T18:00:00Z.

More info here: Saturday Forum Open Governance Circle Meets April 3 - 11am PST / 2pm EST / 1800 GMT - New Time!


Love your latest album @will !


Thank you, means a lot! :pray:


Hey everyone! (a quick intro for myself)

My name is Devin Gray, I am a drummer/composer from NYC, and Berlin now, working mostly in the Jazz and improvised music worlds.

I’m excited to start working with Resonate with my record label Rataplan Records NYC

Always down to learn more and connect!
Sending you all the best of vibes



Hello! My name is Kevin and I co-run Topshelf Records out of the US. I’m located in Portland, OR but the rest of our staff and operations are sprawled out all over the US. We’ve had a substantial portion of our catalog on resonate for a few years now, our in-house publicist William Osiecki has penned an op-ed for y’all previously (https://medium.com/resonatecoop/sent-from-my-ipad-6f5fba2c8d7c), and I have had some chats with @peter in the past. I have been largely absent from this community and the resonate eco-system in general for the past few years, only periodically checking in. I want to change that and I want to help to change that for other people as well. So I’m excited to contribute and learn from everyone else here. If you’re interested in Topshelf, we’ve been a label for 15 years, getting started in punk and hardcore but since expanding into new sonic realms and generally trying to apply a genre agnostic approach to the music we curate and artists we work with. Our website is topshelfrecords.com. Psyched to be here!


Hey @topshelfrecords nice to have you here! Everyone should know that you were one of the original big indie labels to join and your faith in us has been incredibly helpful and supportive over the years. Looking forward to working together again! :slight_smile:


Hi folks. Apologies for the necrothread - but this seemed to be the place to say ‘Hi!’ :person_shrugging:

I spotted Resonate a while back, but didn’t get off my butt and upload something until now. I love the idea of a co-op, the payment model feels fair and -er- interesting and from what I’ve seen so far the community looks nice and active. Will be checking out some music of course (and adding more of my own), but it looks like I have a boatload to read to get up to speed with where you guys are at and where you’re headed. But it feels exciting…

I’ll spare you a long artist bio (for now :wink:) - I just wanted to say hello. But do check out my tunes if you feel like it and let me know what you think.

Now…where to start… :grin:



Welcome, @gribbles! :wave:t2:

Resurrecting this thread was the right thing to do! :slight_smile:


Hi Resonate crew! :wave:t2:

I’m a longtime amateur musician. I play the bass, a little keyboard, and I sing! My Soundcloud only has random bullshit on it, like this clip of “what if Bane sounded like an owl:” Stream Bane Owl Vocal by Ryan Prior | Listen online for free on SoundCloud - I’d love to record more music and actually get some stuff out there.

I’m a software engineer. You can see lots of stuff I’ve worked on here: https://github.com/ryanprior —definitely interested in contributing to Resonate as I’m able. I’ve browsed the repos and see your threads about the APIs and services, you’ve got my attention.

And I’m a free culture activist. A free culture is the opposite of a permission culture where everything is owned by big conglomerates and their intermediary platform interests, and you have to beg & pay rent in order to participate in your own culture. In a free culture, all creators and fans share moral & practical ownership of the culture they create and live within, and we look out for the material interests of artists in recognition that art makes life worth living and forms the shape of everything we share. I love that Resonate gives artists and small labels direct access to an audience, along with actual ownership of the platform–and that it doesn’t use DRM, NFTs, or other user-hostile technologies of artificial scarcity.

It’s been wonderful to read this thread and e-meet you all, I’ll be seeing you out here in these Resonate streets!


Hai everyone reading this!

I am FnTm (She/They) and am new here at resonate. I am really really glad I found a place like this as I didn’t know it was a place that existed before not too long ago. In my journey of Anti-capitalism and trying to figure out the who’s, what, and why things are the way they are it’s led me here. I would like to explain that as a Black trans individual I knew at a young age that dreams weren’t meant for me. Been trying to find a community that not only aligned with my ever-growing politic but also in accepting me and treating me accordingly. Being neurodivergent, super shy, and having crippling anxiety made that even harder. Even posting/writing this is really difficult for me. But hopefully, if you are reading this I took a chance in finding people who really want to connect and celebrate each other. Trying to find people, independent labels, and whoever else i was always met with the same type of energy…silence. Hope someone will hear me here ^~^

Musically…I do what I want haha. My main influences are based in R&B and Hiphop. My first album that i released last year is available today on Resonate so that’s exciting! ^~^. I hope I can release even more things on here in the future. I’m also on Bandcamp as well if you’re into buying music on there as well!

And finally, if you ever want to DM me about anything please do. whether you want to talk about music or life. I would love to even hear everyone’s music and talk about that as well! If you’re scared it’s ok, i am too. We can be scared together haha.

Okie Dokie, thank you for all your time and I hope to hear from you soon. I hope this wasn’t too much as well. Sorry if it was or I didn’t use the site/section correctly. Thank you so much again. Bai! ^~^


Thank you @gribbles, @ryanprior, and @FnTm for joining the community!

Glad to have you here, and I appreciate your introductions in the space. Looking forward to building something great together!


Hi everyone,

I’m not a musician, only an active listener :slight_smile:

I discovered Resonate recently (thanks Bandcamp !) and I’m quite enthusiast about this project.

First of all I discovered Bandcamp because I was not satisfied with the classic online music library model (Deezer, Spotify…). So being able to listen freely to discover music on Bandcamp before having the possibility of buying it (especially in a physical format when available) was great for me and my vision of “creating music has a cost and we listeners must pay for it’s real price”.

But as I listened to more and more music I was not able to buy all I wanted, so I was more and more using Bandcamp as an online music library, sometime even getting around the number of free listening limit by playing the album in a private browser tab… I then started to understand that something was wrong.

So when I discovered the “stream2own” concept it felt like the most natural way for me to pay for online music :

  • pay little to discover, because discovering is “risky”
  • pay more as you listen to it, because if you listen to it this means you like it
  • and finally own it at some point when you have sufficiently (meaning artists at least gets correctly payed) payed for it

The only negative point that I feel in this model is that any track costs the same price, so for 15,25€ you could get a 15 tracks album which could as well be 30 minutes of music or 60 minutes… (correct me if I’m wrong). In my previous ways of buying music, album duration relative to its price has always been a criteria. So here something feels strange to me…

So now I’m a new Resonate user and of course with a lot of expectations ! So I’ll make a new user feedback here (feel free to tell me where I can put elsewhere so that it’s useful). I know that building things takes time, I can measure the great work that has already been done (and I’m grateful to anyone who participated for it), so anything I say here must only be taken as encouragement ! This below would be for me the base functionalities of this kind of service :

  • I would like to be able to discover random music building a playlist with search results (specific tag for example, label library, …). This is important because few artists I used to listen to are yet on Resonate. So I have to listen to new music, but I want a minimum selectivity.
  • As I discover music I need to be able to “favorite” things in order to find it quickly next time : so favouriting an album (which seems not yet available) is a must have for me, especially because I like listening to albums and not a few tracks here a few tracks there once I discovered on artist work that I like.
  • Finally, since the concept is to stream music, there must be a queue feature in order to add music that I want to listen to (a sort of live playlist that you build on the go)

On the long term I’d love to also be able to buy physical format of the music I like when available.

Anyway thanks to everyone !

PS : sorry for the long post and thanks for reading


I’ve made a proposition for this here

Don’t hesitate to say if you like the idea, if you’ve got ideas yourself about how to improve, join the discussion!