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Peace @MorAir. Thank you for coming through and sharing.

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@duracell80 @filip.galetic @jpick @MorAir @elixlary So good to have you here and for sharing in this forum.

Know that everyone involved is currently intimidated and confused by the lack of documentation and established process. Volunteer Members are working on this but it is very much a case of building an airplane while in flight!

So please, if you have questions, ask away.

There are a number of work groups engaged in things like uploading music, coding, building a volunteer orientation process, setting out first quarter goals for the co-op, building governance processes for this forum, setting up another General Meeting at the end of March, conducting needs/wants surveys… and more and more. Please get in if you feel it and want to be a part.

Meanwhile, probably the easiest and most direct way to grow the project is to listen to music on the platform and when you find stuff that moves you, simply share it. Seriously, that’s it.


Thanks for saying hi, and I really appreciate the music recommendation! @goethestreetquartet’s album “Grey Matters” is a great listen, and I would have never even knew about them if it wasn’t for you pointing them out!

Glad to have you on board @jpick, along with all of our other new community members: @MorAir, @duracell80, @filip.galetic.

Thanks for joining!


Thanks @jpick and @Sam_Martyn for the nice words! We are happy to be part of the community and part of this large experiment to change the music industry.

Tom of the @goethestreetquartet



I’m an Irish musician releasing music as Dalígalä. Our first single is a rather blasphemous little Christmas jingle:

I’m also part of an arts collective called Bockety — our website’s bockety.ie — and managing a little commune in Spain.

I heard about Resonate through Belfast musician The Mad Dalton.

I used to be involved with the Dublin Food Co-op and still keep tabs with their goings-on.

Thanks for your efforts, happy to help!



Howdie all,

I found out about Resonate from a post by an organization I follow on Twitter https://twitter.com/BlackSocialists. They are a very pro-direct democratic organization and a tremendous resource research. I’m very excited about platforms emerging following this model. Murray Bookchin speaks a lot about the democratic process and mentions how important “face-to-face” interactions are to assembly, deliberate, collaboration, building consensus. If we’re to have any hope of adopting/adapting the internet in support of those kinds of activities, we will need to have places not owned by small groups of investors and shareholders, not subject to the pressures of ordinary corporate business models. I hope Resonate can evolve into a place for more than just music. We need it.

Separately, I am a small business owner for 25 years. I am in the process now of crafting a conversion to a worker-owned co-operative where the employees will share in decision making, democratically, and share directly in the performance of the business.

Oh, I’m a musician too :wink: My contribution so far is as the Artist “The Collaboratones” (cute name, huh?)

Blessings, solidarity, peace!



Hi everybody!

My name is Charlie. I am an Austin based musician, recording engineer, and recent electrical engineering graduate. I perform violin for many acts, ranging from scathing leftist anarchist black metal to jazz and country weird prog rock inspired by the Rock in Opposition movement from the late 70’s (Univers Zero, Henry Cow, Art Bears, Magma, etc).

Now for my dramatic “the-music-industry-is-dead” story:

Things were looking pretty good going into 2020. I had a US tour lined up for the first time in my life, as well as a European tour. I was excited to finally start seeing all of these parts of the world that I had never been able to afford traveling to. South by Southwest was just around the corner. My tiny, humble hi-fi recording studio was just starting to make a name for itself.

When COVID happened, I lost pretty much my entire earnings for the year in one night. I wound up moving across the country twice- once to build a farm out west, again to northern Minnesota for a live-in tutoring opportunity. It was difficult, both times, to move. I had never lived outside of Texas before this. I was moving into living situations that I knew very little about. But I ultimately trusted my musical family. Both jobs were offered by my bandmates. Between the two ventures, I have been able to afford my home for just a little while longer as I ravenously hunt for jobs online. (If anybody knows of remote, entry level jobs in coding/data science, let me know!) I have only made it this far because of the kindness of artists. As Shawn Colvin said, “if there were no music, I would not get through.”

When COVID struck, I actually cancelled every single streaming subscription for every type of media that I had. I knew there was simply no excuse for hemorrhaging money from the pockets of my friends, and into the nasty pockets of Ek. I do not believe in the current dominant model enough to justify the money I was spending on it. Why not spend 10 bucks a month on buying a cd, or a few digital records on Bandcamp?

I first found out about the Resonate platform from my dear friend @Hakanto. I believe in Resonate, not only because Hakanto has a knack for finding the best stuff out there, but because there is no established streaming platform in the ethical music market. YET. I believe that Resonate has the ability to get those would-be casual spotify fans to actually support the artists they claim to love. In a way, it gives each fan a small sense of ownership of the successes and accomplishments of their favorite new acts. I love that. And I love all of you for being committed to a sustainable music industry.

It may take a while. This could be one of those things that is like Bitcoin, in the sense that it was a learning curve at first for a lot of people to wrap their heads around, but eventually became one of the biggest things ever. With enough time, and with this community’s powerful word of mouth skills, I see resonate becoming a key player in the future of the music industry- the industry that values artists!


I might not have a lot to saw but I found Resonate after it got a bit of press in one of the music circles I follow so I decided to contribute to the cause.

I’ve not been doing music (played bass for 5 years and only started writing for full bands last year)

But I’m glad I found Resonate like I did since it seems like it’s really gonna help artists out.

All my music stuff is under Analogue Heart


Thank you and WELCOME Charlie. You are an inspiration. Community is the root of trust. We all own this platform together - artists, listeners, volunteers, collaborators. We help each other and exchange fairly. That’s where trust comes from. The other platforms are owned by investors who want a return or some big ‘exit’ bonus in a huge pump and dump scheme. They harvest and consume artists as content. They consume listener data and monetise it. Folks know this and are beginning to care. Especially after the ruthlessness and excess profits of the covid experience. See this article: New artists, does it pay to be streaming first?

There is so much potential for us!


Welcome! So glad you found us @sadrobodisco!


@chazzmatazz @sadrobodisco @The_Collaboratones @daligala

WELC :star_struck:ME !!

Sorry I’ve been out of the loop a bit Forum-wise and missed the opportunity to give you props earlier. (Definitely trying to build in here more.)

The range of approaches you all bring to the project is AMAZING! So glad to have you here and have your help making this place work for what I call that ‘VAST MINORITY’ that really organize their lives around music. Music is a social superpower and y’all are superstars. Honored to be among you. Please continue to speak up about your journey and how the community can help you build.


Snap! And you know what really amazes me is the degree to which the other platforms (spotify and youtube, you name it) seek to enlist creators help (under the guise that their effort will somehow help them) in making their pyramidal structured money funnels operate even better. “Try this, try that, put your time and effort into this and that, so we can bolster our profit stream of what you’ve created” is what it feels like to me. Sorry, not meaning to be all rant-ish here.


THIS RIGHT HERE: “an inclusive and dignified digital community organized around the social power of music.”

This is a really exciting project, and it strikes me as one with tremendous rippling implications for web-based, internet-based exchange of all kinds. Wresting the platform from the grip of capitalist-oriented corporate power (the ones putting profit first, trading on the stock market or with aspirations to do so), it’s HUGE. It becomes a place of trust by that alone. I’m very curious what other interactions might blossom around the core of music and art as the basis.


Watch out for our video coming out soon on Resonate and Community Credentials… we have a lot to say about this and have been busy on some exciting alternatives :wink:. Platform co-ops need to work together.


Here’s the link to a rough-cut version (on YouTube unfortunately - our ‘grantors’ want it up there for the moment)


I got a video unavailable!

oops sorry! we had a last minute update and I forgot to refresh the link!



Thanks for inviting me to this community. My name is Guy Birkin. I found out about Resonate around 5 years ago, and have been making some of my music available on the platform since then. I don’t use streaming much for my own listening habits - I prefer to buy & download - but I’m happy that Resonate exists and I’m happy to support it.

I’ve been making experimental electronic music and field recording under my own name for around the last 10 years, with releases on Entr’acte, Fluf, New York Haunted, and SUPERPANG. Before then I played bass and sometimes guitar in various bands. I also write about music on my blog, Aesthetic Complexity, I occasionally write reviews for The Wire magazine, and sometimes write album blurbs for labels/artists. I also do analysis and technical things for musicians, like spectrograms or data visualisation, e.g. for EVOL, Phillip Illinsky, Lucy Railton. I’ve also been part of the Disquiet Junto since its inception - a group set up by Marc Weidenbaum (Disquiet.com) where he sets a musical assignment each week, and participants have the weekend to make something to fit the brief. I like the participatory aspect and the sharing of notes and getting feedback - it’s been a useful practice as a musician.




Thanks for coming through. I found your work on Resonate (in random shuffle mode) in 2019 and quickly became a fan / advocate / active-listener.

I am so glad you chose to put some time toward sharing words here as well!
Please help direct this community toward an environment that works for you and your friends in music. Feel free to DM me anytime to setup a time to talk, or come through the Wednesday check-ins 1700 GMT.

(Obvs ~ Invite open to all!)


Hello hello!
Nacho here. I’m from Argentina and I’ve been around for a few years now. After learning of all the economic concentration and cultural manipulation the big platforms are pouring into this world, I have become in love with Resonate.

My professional background is in Business in Tech but I also dedicate time and energy to my music. I can help with Product Management but also with other business related efforts that may be needed.

Glad to see the community is growing and how much progress it’s been made towards the new player. Really amazing!!! Big thanks to everyone involved!!! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to collaborating!