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So good to see you in the threads here, @flgnk! You’ll see I (awkwardly?) attempted a sort of introduction for you elsewhere, perhaps a week ago, in a thread about the value of remaining situated administratively in Ireland (or not.) In general a big fan of your transnational cooperation work. I think it’s exemplary. Again, thanks for joining the conversation(s). It is an interesting moment at Resonate. Many foundational questions being asked and tendencies interrogated. Enjoy!

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Greetings all!
My name is Terence, feel free to refer to me by that name or by my username here. I’m NYC based, and am currently in my first year of employment as a full-time software engineer after changing careers. Joined the forum back around February, but didn’t feel quite ready to
contribute until now, having got some professional experience under my belt.

Most of my professional work has been front-end, but seeing that there is back-end code here written in JavaScript, which is my strongest language, I’d be happy to contribute across the stack.

Unrelated to programming, I’m also a musician who composes chamber music, plays a few instruments, and enjoys singing when the mood hits. You can check out some of my stuff here https://terencepetersen.com/


greetings everyone

i’m jodi {they & them pronouns}

i’m a Black-Jamaican queer non-binary femme currently residing in New York.

i’ve engaged in various manifestations of organizing, art-making, and harm reduction advocacy over the past several years. most recently, i’m a visual storyteller. passions i’m prioritizing for 2023 include completing a publication of journalistic photographs i’ve captured of Black folks in resistance and celebration over the past couple years. i’m also super grateful to be in the current fellowship cohort at a Black trans & queer migrant organization that’s doing deportation defense work centering Black LGBTQ+ immigrants who are currently in / recently released from ICE detention.

i’m not a musician, though i love finding out about and listening to new artists. i’m looking forward to participating in Resonate more in the upcoming year.


Realised I never introduced myself despite being a member for about a year.
My name is Simon and I’m a composer and musician based in the UK, mostly within experimental music, free improv, no wave and contemporary composition.
You can listen to an old band of mine here Resonate

I’m hoping to use Resonate to archive old projects, but I’ve been really excited about the idea of co-ops as I think they’re a good way to combat the mess that organisations like Spotify have created


I’m Torsten Torsten, Singersongwriter (Guitar, Hammered Dulcimer, Duduk) from Leipzig, Germany. I’m about to publish my first 7 song EP under a Creative Commons-Attribution licence.
I think music and words are really magic. So I wanna use friendly and social ways to publish my songs. Maybe resonate can be one. I see that resonate is not the convenient out of the box solution but a cooperative of people who work hard. Maybe I can also contribute with that? So atm I have more questions than things I can say about myself.


peace @Torsten! welcome!


Thanks @richjensen !

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Herzlich willkommen, Torsten : ) I think you found the right place for you and your music and we would love for you to help us build this place. I saw you’re active on Mastodon? Maybe you can share Resonate and it’s vision with the people over there (we’re in the process of applying for a social.coop account on Mastodon)? That would be a good start to make Resonate more visible across all different channels. Also, what is it you think you could contribute or what do you enjoy doing – besides making music, of course?


Hi Simon, thanks a lot! Yep, I found about Resonate on Mastodon myself. And I absolutely love to show Resonate to others and spread the good news.
I’m about to release my first EP and right now I’m making the marketing bla bla that comes with it. (Creating pre produced interviews with myself, writing articles for my website, putting logos and links of the services I use on my social media sites …) And I like to include Resonate in that, mentioning it (as alternative to spotify) and of course I want to upload my songs here so that others can hear it and get to know my music and Resonate.

(I’m not sure yet how “stable” or “production ready” resonate from a consumer point of view is. So I’m still holding my horses a bit and will also use bandcamp and jamendo. But I will check Resonate out more closely the next days.)

Also, what is it you think you could contribute or what do you enjoy doing – besides making music, of course?

Good question. I think I can answer it better if I get to know Resonate more. I did a bug report and will continue to do so. Yeah, I’ll see what comes to my mind in the process of using Resonate.

Anyway, good to know you are here @simonfreund =) See you later!


Oh – wow, that’s cool to read : ) Good luck with preparing your EP and with finding your way around Resonate. I’m new too and I still need to figure things out, but from what I’ve learned so far there’s room for everything, you just have to do it and if things aren’t working stick with it until you found a solution together with the rest of us. See you : )

@Torsten - We’d love to host your music here at Resonate, as well! Unfortunately, we’re battling a technology hiccup that prevents us from uploading music for artists who joined after a major change in technology last August…so we won’t be able to upload your EP yet. :disappointed:


Well hello there. I found resonate a while ago and I very much like the concept.
Reading through a bunch of posts it seems there is quite the internal struggle going on and the future of resonate might be at risk. Which would be very unfortunate, because as I said, I love the concept and it could (it is) be a great contribution to the community.
Your struggle remind me of the time when I was a board member in a housing coop. I cam in very late in the game. Things were going south rapidly and I was mostly uninformed and certainly a bit naive on what can and will go wrong. :wink: My take away from these days: Focus on structure not on form.

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Hello, I’m Tim and new to Resonate. I’m a designer / developer / product person who’s been toying with similar ideas for a few years, though my manifesto was much less cohesive and thorough :slight_smile: I’ve made a few web audio players in my day and know a bit about music licensing too, including the royalty reporting side of it.

For now I’d just like to highlight this statement from RESONATE - what does a professional DSP look like, as it captures what I believe to be the most important factor in overcoming competitors: “Resonate must aspire to be more to give the value to artists and independent culture, in the face of mass market and corporate forces.” Brilliant overview by @melis_tailored that helped get me up to speed, thanks.

I plan to attend the upcoming Inter-Organizational DSP meeting on May 29th to see how I might help.


I am a retired community developer (but never a retired creative) who is interested inideas for attainable housing and community for creative people. I am researching cooperative living frameworks for supporting work, housing, and community life for creatives. I came across this forum and I thought I would see if it might be a path to connecting with others who may share this interest. Any suggestions or advice that you experienced “co-operators” may have for doing this without upsetting any apple carts will be appreciated. I didn’t find any prior discussions using the search and I’m wondering if this will be of any interest in the forum.

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Hi all!

My name is Shehrose Mia(n) (the ‘n’ is in parentheticals to indicate the silent ‘n’ or ‘nun ghunna’ of the Urdu language), and I am the owner of a new record label that strives to create health-based music in a way compatible with analytic philosophy. The record label’s name is Earcake Sounds with one EP in its name, Intuitions on Emotions by Earcake Kitchen (found on Spotify and Apple Music among other streaming platforms). The idea is simply to first conceive of what one feels is musically healthful (intuitions) or what one rationalizes as such (pragmatics) before verifying the data through listeners’ brain data (experiments). The results of experiments then inform intuitions and pragmatics before iterating to discover laws of musical nutrition (assuming they must exist).

These days, we are simply exploring the feeling/thinking components of intuitions and pragmatics before hopefully experimentally reflecting on the music, all produced by real, human musicians with minimal use of AI or pure automation. Oh, and all involved are called Sound Chefs :laughing:

For the upcoming second album, I am considering moving Earcake Sounds (and its musical moniker Earcake Kitchen) exclusively to Resonate for the better payment model but also the more sustainable Internet infrastructure. It feels great to navigate and use the site so far, so I’m sincerely inspired by the work Resonate has done. Bravo!

Happy to hear from everyone here regarding the record label, either questions or suggestions/constructive feedback on the ideas involved. Regardless, I respect what truly nourishes your ears.



Hi Kevin,

I’m interested! But, alas, I have no experience. My understanding is that you might want to ask places like Svanholm (of Denmark) for advice. They offer a 1-year training intensive if you qualify after working on contract for a while. Find their website here: https://svanholm.dk

Please keep us all posted!