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Yeah, absolutely! Can’t believe it slipped my mind. @IsmailDalgatov @khadzhimurat Do you use the same usernames on Telegram?

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Tagging this here because it’s a related topic. While this work is underway on these native apps, I’ve put this minimal React Native-based app together here: Minimal Stream Phone App


Hello all,

Really glad to see people working on a much needed app. I’m a long time developer ( , ). I also have connections in the WSDE (worker-self directed enterprise) movement and political community.

Would very much like to see if I can bring any needed talent to the team, or possibly contribute if my expertise is a match and I have the time.

I am glad to see there is a both an native app being developed, as well as a more immediate app hosting the mobile website. Let me know what is needed.

-Greg Sonnenfeld


Welcome Greg!

Others may have better ideas as to where to start. The first two things that come to mind for me though are these issues:

Also, since I’ve shifted this to the backburner while working on the react native mobile app, you could tackle this with SortableJS if you’re feeling inspired:


Thank you so much, @piper. Seriously. You’re amazing. :black_heart:

And thank you, @gsonnenf!


Hey @gsonnenf,

Checking in, I know you asked about helping with a mobile app - I wanted to let you know that there is recent movement on a native mobile app in React Native / TypeScript, latest update here.

It’s still very preliminary, but there’s at least enough built to begin to build out Track and Playlist components and begin to set up a few screens, many of which will probably use similar code (but in React Native and not React) to the beam app. Cheers!