Is Old Music Killing New Music?

Essential reading for all those of us concerned with levelling the playing field, nurturing new talent, aiding music discovery etc.

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That’s a bizarre situation, no? The people whose livelihood depends on discovering new musical talent face legal risks if they take their job seriously. And that’s only one of the deleterious results of the music industry’s over-reliance on lawyers and litigation—a hardass approach they once hoped would cure all their problems, but now does more harm than good. Everybody suffers in this litigious environment, except for the partners at the entertainment law firms, who enjoy the abundant fruits of all these lawsuits and legal threats.

Can’t stress this enough— American entertainment litigation is a small enough field as it is, and the advice both in schools and afterword skews so corporate that it’s actively discouraged to approach the field outside of aiming to go in-house at one of the big 3 or work at a firm that represents one of them.

Not to mention the sheer amount of money put into government/policy lobbying stacked against artists/songwriters, adjacent to and often in hand with major DSPs and big tech …