Is there a Resonate Roadmap?

Looking for the information of if, at some point, a Resonate Roadmap had been made available by the board members and teams working on the project, I came across this post which sums up what I think pretty well.

I think this definitely warrants a dedicated topic. The current lack of a roadmap makes a lot of people hesitant to talk and discuss things, seeing that they’re in the dark as to what is actually being worked on, who decided what, on what ground etc. But it also makes a lot of the discussions by those who are indeed talking possibly redundant or misplaced, which is also a waste of precious human energy we don’t want.

This is a lack of transparency that’s 100% understandable reconning Resonate is very much getting back on track after a few years of being “in between things”, and inevitably a lot isn’t ready / well organized yet.

However, the reason I’m opening this door is I think it’s currently detrimental to people looking to get involved further with the platform, which means it also holds it back. So I see it as a priority above all else for the organization of the community into a meaningful space.

I can only guess at the reasons why a roadmap isn’t widely available yet (at least here on the forum, as a pinned-to-top post) and seeing that we got a few informations from @peter and @richjensen that a lot of rather fundamental changes are coming to the platforms in the coming… well that’s the point, in the coming days? weeks? months? year? anyhow seeing that I’m guessing there’s quite a lot on the roadmap, and there must be one somewhere.

I should also point out this particular lack also probably puts a lot of work and pressure on the shoulders of some of the most regularly involved volunteers (I’m thinking of @Hakanto here) who then have to constantly act as a buffer between the decision making / working team and the rest of the community.

So I guess right now I’m more humbly asking for a “roadmap of the roadmap availability to all”.

I think this is really where it all starts for the people looking to get involved in this space, before we even ask people “what can you do”, they need to have a bird’s eye view of “what are the people already doing things doing?”, and I must say, even after trying to get quite involved into this, I haven’t quite managed to find enough knowledge to really form an opinion on both what’s going on and how I can help more efficiently (than with those long posts for example).


@LLK there has always been a somewhat ‘sketchy’ roadmap on the website… there’s an update coming shortly, adding:

Resonate 3.0 xx.21 -

  • Relaunch!
  • New player and back-end live
  • Self-service upload tool with artist earnings and playstats
  • Label bulk uploading in development
  • New-look Community Forum with Community Credentials
  • Better sign-in and new back end work underway
  • Outreach to other co-ops and communities

Until now we have kept the detail of features, planned work and milestones in an internal area, called Dev 2021 in our Basecamp.

There’s a huge list of work in that plan and even some explainer videos for it. Most of the things in it have already been discussed in various places in forum at different times, with @hakanto and @auggod and I providing links and updates at various times. As part of the forum redesign we’re hoping to take the detail of the dev planning out of Basecamp and put it here in an area of Discourse, where it will be more accessible and available for debate and discussion.

All development work in hand will be made much more visible in projects in our GitHub, with associated milestones.

Work that is not properly defined / agreed / funded or prioritised yet will be discussed in forum as much as we possibly can. The tools to do it on here can probably be set up better than they are on Basecamp.

Meanwhile I’m happy to share and discuss the dev plan and the walkthrough with anyone who hasn’t yet seen it on Basecamp, provided that everyone realises that milestones and dates in there are provisional and dependent on availability of resources, part-paid, part volunteer, and of course, the funding to do it. It’s a very small team under a lot of pressure right now.

There’s the usual weekly Dev Meetup call that we have for volunteers - a place for those interested in Resonate Dev work to say hi… and the ‘topic of the week’
… some brief ‘rollling’ notes in the gdoc linked below.

[6/5/21 ed. @richjensen - Weekly dev meet-up discontinued May 21 in lieu of enhanced collaboration environments here in Forum and in Github. See also: 🌍 Community Call - Every Wednesday 1800 CET / 900 Pacific / 1200 East US]

There are some rolling notes for that meeting, which I’d be happy to share with anyone who is part of the current Basecamp group (For simple privacy reasons I can’t share those notes outside of the Basecamp without checking with everyone mentioned for their further permissions)

I’ll also do a version of the (working) Development Plan and Roadmap spreadsheet to link to here which does not have any individual assignment detail linked in it.

(I am sorry we are still using G-suite products for collaboration - it is our plan to move off them at some point)


Macro management of workflow is being organized as epics.

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