Is there a way for artist to view statistics of their catalog?

Hi, I’m relatively new to Resonate, my music was uploaded just recently. I’ve been sharing everywhere and I was looking for stats to see if people went to Resonate for my music, but I didn’t found any places to see stats. Is this feature not on Resonate yet or did I miss something ?
Thanks to everybody helping with Resonate !


Hi Palinke,

Sorry for the quiet. Thanks for posting! (And for offering your work through the co-op.)

At the moment we are running reports more or less monthly and providing accounting as projects earn a minimum threshold of 10 eu.

This is obviously not optimal.

In the long term, the artist dashboard has been designed to show plays and earnings in real-time. We hope to provide this feature early next year.

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Actually this begs the question because I wasn’t sure where to ask about it before : is there a current timeline / schedule / planning for all the things to come concerning Resonate ?

It would help us, both as users / creators of the platform, and enthusiasts willing to help build it, to know where you’re at so that we do not press you on issues that may be too far into the future to be immediately relevant, and can contribute in a meaningful way to the current complications and questionnings you may need us for.


@Iamupinthecloud This is an excellent question.

It sends the signal that it is time for the people currently involved in the stabilization and humanization of the platform, almost entirely volunteers at the moment, to open their processes and designs to the community in this forum.

I will focus on helping this to happen in the coming weeks.

There is a fairly strong plan on the technical side (hmmm, there’s probably a link in here) but the co-op has been blessed with many people bringing fresh energy lately and would do well to give them tools to plug in just as you have described…

There are so many things to do, both technical and non-technical that just need fair-minded people who can follow through on their commitments.

Helping to edit/design and make sense of this forum would be a good start. Personally I find it difficult to get oriented in here. All the categories, etc should be reviewed.

There should be a basic FAQ to help people get aligned. And other easy-to-find structures like that.

Maybe @Hakanto @Timothee @onapoli @brndnkng @afuturemodern have ideas about this…

I agree that the categories could be overhauled, it feels (to me at least), like they’re almost suggesting Resonate as a finished site ; “Site Feedback”, “Community Conversation”, and “Growth Hacking, Curation and more” all suggest to me that the mainframe is already in place, when I think they should be centered around the various ways we can help actually build the platform (typically : a Code category / a Business Model (for lack of a better word) category / a UX / UI category etc.) so that we can point our efforts where needed and bypass the things we’re not specifically skilled at.

This would help the communal effort towards making this place fruitful and would avoid being misleading if someone came here excepting a fully fledged alternative to mainstream website albeit “indie and fair”.

(Also, side note, although I guess this belongs in quick fix : why is the favicon of this forum white on transparent background? I get the desire to separate it from the one, but then shouldn’t it have a black background ? It’s impossible to see in the tabs, and I frequently use the icons alones to sort out my favorite websites and this makes it impossible to use. Parenthesis closed.)

Should we make a new topic about that so that we don’t clutter this one ?


By all means… start a topic…

I agree that the categories could be overhauled, it feels (to me at least), like they’re almost suggesting Resonate as a finished site ; “Site Feedback”, “Community Conversation”, and “Growth Hacking, Curation and more”
Agree with you about this.

The original topics/categories were cast about in an empty room, aspirationally without a great deal of planning or structure over a year ago.

The garden is in need of a serious pruning.

I agree with the favicon point. Again, the contributor that opened the forum made many quick decisions. Would be great, now that people are starting to fill the space, to add more considered intentionality and devices for intuitive orientation.

Need a todo list.


I can take care of that favicon soon! That’s a quick fix for sure, @Iamupinthecloud


I enjoy reading and participating in the different conversations and topics that this community generates. There are wonderful ideas, proposals and different points of view being shared. I think that the enthusiasm of the members of this community is one of the greatest strengths of this project, but from my point of view, it must be also challenging to organize all of these ideas and proposals.

I think that having a dedicated website or virtual space with a Resonate roadmap that specified for example, the different features that have been approved and that are being actively developed, a Resonate list of ideas, where the different ideas and proposals that have been shared in this forum or in any other communication channel where Resonate members and users gather are placed, maybe also a place where volunteers can see what tasks can be done and which teams they can join in order to contribute to the project.

I think that instead of only providing a contribution guide, which I think would be very cool, we could also provide a list of teams with information about their goals and a way to contact their members. Here the Lightweight Coordination idea proposed by @Hakanto could be used.