IssueHunt for Resonate?


I keep checking back in on Resonate because I love the co-op platform model.

I know someone is working on improving Resonate, but to be candid I really just don’t use it for listening to music day to day. For me, the music is too random, I need to be able to tag music as categories, or ideally upvote and downvote songs so that an algorithm creates a playlist for me.

Correct me if I’m wrong; but if Resonate is Open Source - could I create a bounty on IssueHunt and ask developers to look into the issue on Github? Would this be alright? I ask because sometimes developers don’t want freelancers coming in and adding code that might not be of the same style as theirs. And I don’t want to gum up the works.

Please don’t interpret this message as impatience or criticism of the developers in any way; I’m eager to see some of these features added to the player so I can start listening more, discovering new artists, and paying the coop. At the moment however I’m one of those lazy consumers that is too busy with my job and not passionate enough about music to bother creating my own playlists. (17 year old me that used to burn a CD of perfectly selected MP3’s every other week definitely despises adult me.)

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Playlist building is key to getting co-op community listening culture to the next level. Pitching the idea of a Halloween Hackathon for playlist solutions… excel macros running down a list of playlinks… anything…

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