Label Page

As a user, I want to check a public label profile page I don’t own that contains:

  • Banner image if exists
  • Profile picture
  • Name
  • Follow button
  • Short bio if exists
  • Featured album if exists
  • Artists if exist: list of artists => click on artists leads to artist page
  • Discography: list of albums => click on album leads to album page
  • Playlists if exist: list of playlists => click on playlist leads to playlist page
  • Recommended artists if exists => click on artists leads to artist page
  • Bio if exists
  • Links if exist


ayyyyyyyy, love it

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@CPacaud: For labels, I’d like to know more about what they’re about, who’s behind them, their goals, philosphy, etc. I assume there is gonna be less of them than artists, so could it be manageable to run short interviews with every one of them, and feature that (and use that opportunity to put them on the Featured Label roll).