I think that Resonate should have integration.

I found another thread (link here) discussing the use of for identifying songs across streaming platforms, but I think having integration for its own sake on Resonate would be great. I enjoy tracking my listening habits and this would be a nice feature. is the only service I’m aware of that does this, but if folks have other ideas of tracking-type services we should integrate, please reply below.

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I was a big fan in ancient days. Haven’t thought about them in so long!

Ah yes, this escrow idea from @lindner… Thank you for surfacing!

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I really like and would also welcome this. Similarly, is Resonate integrated with Hype Machine?

I currently don’t know how we might integrate with Hype Machine but I will have a look at it.

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Are you thinking of audioscrobbler?


Any update on this ?

I think there’s quite a lot of work ahead of us with the user database transfer from wordpress to our own thing before we get to this, honestly.

It might be possible to to do something local based on the beam app, but it wouldn’t be persisted with the user’s account. So every time the user logs out they’d have to re-add the scrobbler.