Listener Sunday :)

Since Sunday nights are sorta slow, I have made a commitment :honeybee: to log on to the platform Sunday night and interact with the platform by sharing a playlist or just playing a track.

We can listen apart or listen together :slight_smile: .


aight, first selection for DJ boopboop.

This playlist was inspired by the music people play at my gym. It’s mostly an excuse to listen to Mortal Soul.

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I love this idea. Thank you for taking this up. :slight_smile:


For the first Sunday of 2021 -

tracks from the prolific @topshelfrecords !

He / they have been writing a lot about web3 and working on this pretty cool project. Great essay here as well: Participation as Catalyst


this weekend just straight

starting off with

checking out this singer-songwriter this weekend

I’m gearin’ up for Listener Sunday tonight :wine_glass:

this weekend, focusing on expanding my CaribFest playlist, discovering some Trini artists in the catalogue, and noticing the overlap between techno from Cameroon with what’s usually blasted from the caribfest party vehicles.

noticing here that that it wasn’t blatantly obvious to me that the playlist was private, so bumping this PR from @piper

also noticing there’s no reggaeton in the catalogue? No rocksteady either which is surprising. No salsa either? Maybe there is, but just not tagged.

update, found more

further update - there’s a whole label devoted to Caribbean Festival music, but since many of the albums are compilations they’re essentially unfindable (due to issues discussed here).

I found it by

  • Searching for Trinidad and Tobago
  • Clicking on all the artists and noticing that while they had no tracks, many of them did have a label
  • Clicked on all the labels
  • Looked at the labels from Trinidad and Tobago (which don’t show up in the country search for some reason)
  • Scrolled down and saw a bunch of tracks.
  • Added tracks to playlist.

New weekend, still listening to same thing from last week, but will be checking out Winter of no:


Listening to this playlist (THE HI54.BLOG RESONATE MIX CD | FEB 2022 found on twitter:


New Playlist Radio Show

Also discovered Janice Kwan on page 1

Forgot to post over the weekend, but this weekend it was listening to this new release
while testing the iOS app.

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Recently and today, it’s been a lot of sandy.hoover

interesting project by one of the members:

@boopboop You seem to really be aware of the new stuff on the platform. If you want to suggest anything for this radio show I’m working on, please do.

I’m pitching the show as “Monthly round up of new releases on Resonate, the ethical streaming platform. Curated by David Carpenter (The Argent Grub) and the Resonate community.”

My next playlist is taking shape here (and is subject to change):
(I’m not sure why all the images are the same tho?)

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More like “what’s popular” :wink: but sure I will be happy to collaborate :slight_smile:

Great. As a minimum, I just need pointing at anything (new) that you think is worth featuring. (Maybe we could drop the new?)

What I’d love to get to though at some point is either/both members and artists recording a short (voice) piece about a track, why they like it, and introducing it. I could then use that in the show.

For artistis maybe a “This is me. Here’s one of mine. Here’s another person on the platform you should check out)” Recorded to a phone and emailed would be fine.

Thanks @boopboop

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Haven’t re-upped so diving into my collection. Listening to

@theargentgrub - messed up my thumbs so haven’t had the opportunity to sit to make a playlist for/with you :confused:

Life happens, I’m DAYS LATE oh no .

But listening to

and some more Janice Kwan

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I missed a week! This week listening to


I’ve been really enjoying this album this week!