Logo + wordmark, Brand guide, Files

Here’s the most recent discussion on the Logo + Wordmark. @Timothee @angus @auggod


Last we left off, there were two different versions of the logo+wordmark:

  1. one with more spacing between (from the brand guidelines doc)
  2. one with less spacing between (currently in use on resonate.is)

Not much discussion went into which one we are using vs the other. I believe @Timothee is best suited to make the decision.



Thanks for the links @hakanto.

I think we should use the one with more spacing from the brand guidelines.
I’m going to create a dedicated Figma file in Design System for the logo with the right size and spacing to facilitate exports (logo, wordmark, logo + wordmark, in SVG and PNG). I’ll post it here when it will be ready.


Here is the Figma file whith the logo from the brand guidelines : Resonate Logo

I create 2 frames (light and dark), with or whitout margins for each version:

  • Icon
  • Wordmark
  • Icon + Wordmark
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