Main menu and submenus

Space for designing the hierarchy and interaction of the menus on the Resonate Player.

Current Main Menu and Submenus

(up to 4 items under each Main Menu item)

    1a. artists
    1b. labels
    1c. releases
    1d. tracks

    2a. [none]
    2b. [none]
    2c. [none]
    2d. [none]

    3a. favorites
    3b. collection
    3c. playlists
    3d. history

  4. [none]
    4a. [none]
    4b. [none]
    4c. [none]
    4d. [none]

I have some observations about how menus and submenus work on the Resonate Player, in particular on mobile. My primary concern is whether it would be wise to reserve all menu menu tabs to being things that require (or benefit from) having subtabs.

Currently “Discovery” takes up a main menu tab on mobile, but doesn’t have any subtabs, which strictly from a menu design standpoint seems like a waste.

Led me down a (worthy) rabbit hole of wondering about our menu design and how we could get the most out of it.

@Iamupinthecloud: How are labels order sorted in the browse section? I thought it would be nice to have them sorted by latest release so that it’s constantly shifting.

@Iamupinthecloud: I found it quite confusing that in the “release sections” there were also single tracks, which makes the section look very similar to “tracks” underneath it but with a different sorting layout. It might be more meaningful to : 1/ either switch track to “all releases” and have an unsorted list of tracks the way it is right now undifferientiating albums and tracks, and a “LP/EP releases” tab where you get all the full multi-track releases. or 2/ just have a “LP/EP” tab where you only have multi-track releases and a “Tracks” tab where you only have single track, and artists can choose when they upload their album which track from their album/EP should appear in this list (which would avoid having a 29 tracks album monopolizing a big chunk of the list as it could happen in the current setting). As is, I find the “tracks” section a bit weirdly redundant and unclear.

@Iamupinthecloud: I think it would be critical to the experience of the platform to have an “artist” tab in the library where I can easily add artists as I go. It could also be nice that this section is either sorted alphabetically (if all I want is to find one of them easily), or by newest release order (so that I can check if any of them released something new recently) displaying under their thumbnail their most recent track.