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As a user, I want the main page of the player to highlight what is new on the player.


@Iamupinthecloud: Curation should come as a secondary proposition. First > this is what we have, who we are, untampered. Second > if you’re looking for specific outlooks and curated point of views, check how these people (emphasis on people, it’s not “the platform’s” unipolar decision based on who knows what) view the art made on the platform."

I would like to add that I think this is also an opportunity to highlight listener accounts as well, to lean into the community aspect, and encourage people to follow other people on the platform. This will ensure their feed is more active and it will create more opportunities for cross pollenation of musical tastes and discoveries on the platform among listeners. highlighting listener accounts that have great collections, or have curated great playlists, etc. Could be cool here.

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Featured / New Releases / Random – These are important discovery-related buttons on the Discovery page, but relative to other elements they are very small. It is a bit unclear that they are buttons. The difference in coloration between the active category “featured” and the other categories “new releases” and “random” is too subtle.

@auggod: “I’m considering showing the New Releases by default instead of the Featured ones. We know we’ll have new releases every week. Featured artists might not change often enough. This follows up the thread on here: New player update + intro for volunteer devs - #23 by Iamupinthecloud

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@KallieMarie: “Also is there a way to feature most streamed of the week? Or is monthly better post reporting? That way if an artist is streamed a lot that month, maybe then there’s that spot light? Also label highlights? Or a highlighted label? This could always be broken down by genre too. So for example Rock, Hip Hop, Classical, Electronic and so on… […] The welcome mat could do with sprucing up a bit. Lets make it so inviting that they never leave.”

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“Improve visibility of Staff Picks on Player”

The " new" tab is ok, but I think it should be organized by artist. There is at least 20 pages of new individual recordings. That is too much to scroll through.
Also, and I likely need to be directed to someone who can help me with this, but I put up 3 pieces in January of this year, and had to repost them in March, if I recall correctly, and they are still not up on the site, as far as I can tell. When I search for my name, I get " no results". My artist page still shows no tunes which I have submitted. I have more music to put up.

Hey brian! We found a bug in our system that rendered us unable to upload aiff format audio files – thus the delay. However, I think I’ve found a workaround. I’ll send you an update later today.