Christmas Party: 11th December 1600GMT

"pre-Christmas fun despite COVID, and how Meet.coops flexible tools can support this"

Hey Everyone: We’re all invited to an online party! And there’s a bounty out for entertainers!

Our friends at are inviting members to their event. provide us with some really nice privacy-respecting online meeting services based on open source BigBlueButton

Visit this post in forum to confirm (RSVP) and to offer online entertainment in one of their virtual rooms - there’s a small bounty!

BTW all celebrations appreciated in these covid times, not just Christmas, Diwali… any community excuse for a party is always welcome!


Hi All,
Thanks Nick - Yes, we (at - The online video conferencing co-op ) would like to invite you to come and party with us on BigBlueButton (the open source video conferencing tool we run for our members) - and to see if we can tempt one or two of you to perform for us! :wink:

We only have an embarrassingly low budget of 100 GBP for one band or 75 GBP each for two …

We realise this is not adequate payment but wondered if someone might be up for performing anyway and, in the spirit of cooperation we could also probably also offer free Level 1 membership to for a year (worth £108) too if you’d like - so you can ditch Zoom!

  • deadline for applications - midnight on 9th Dec

  • Date and time of event - 11th December 1600GMT

  • Length of set/s: between 20 & 40 mins - we might run these in parallel rooms if we have 2 different bands / artists… TBC

  • Platform - we will run this on BBB, you will get a URL invite and will simply need to click on the link to join to play. It will help if you have a good microphone (and camera) connected to your laptop to deliver the best quality sound. Please arrive early to test things and get familiar with BBB. Simple acoustic sets might be best for the web audio… but we’re really open to all suggestions! Remember, it’s a party and we want to celebrate - so it would be nice to have some reasonably upbeat music… :slight_smile:

If you’re up for it please reply here with a link to somewhere we can check out a sample of your work - presumably a Resonate link!

And let me know if you have any questions or suggestions?



Hey Thanks Oli… Might have a referral for you!

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Hi Resonate!
Is anyone up for this? If so, please email asap so we have time to plan how things will work and to promote you to our lovely community :wink:

Ohhhh just reading this. Has anyone pronounced themselves to do it?

No, they didn’t get a performer sadly, but I’ve just been on there with them. It was a lovely session, thanks to for organising it so well!


Good to hear it went well regardless!

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thanks in any case for trying and joining us, @Nick_M! We posted some screencaptures of the xmas session here!

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