[Member Meeting 5/11/2021] Planning for next General Meeting (Notes from 5/4/2021)

peace good people,

i wanted to share the notes from our meeting yesterday in preparation for our general meeting happening sometime next month.

some things we’re doing in preparation for this meeting is reading the Handbook, Terms of Use, and Rulebook to gain clarity, but also to mark anything we don’t agree with/want to discuss/change. some of these documents currently exist online but are not fully updated with the edits/revisions over the past couple of years.

@richjensen has agreed to share the revised versions of these documents so that we’re all on the same page in terms of information access/h(is)tory to better enable us to make informed decisions regarding membership privileges/responsibilities etc.

before the next meeting, we also were encouraged to check out different cooperative organizing models that have processes that may be transferable/able to be integrated within our cooperative practice/culture.

i’m including a link to the thread where rich shared these organizing models, here [Member Meeting 5/4/2021] Planning for next General Meeting (notes from last meeting) - #4 by richjensen

if you’re interested in getting in on these conversations, our next one is

looking forward to connecting


I’ll be 10-15 mins late to this meeting today. See y’all there!