Meta Governance Seminar Video Archives

Great archive of presentations by current researchers in online governance. Members may find these useful for shaping co-op practice.

Please post your thoughts and comments in this thread as you review this material!

Upcoming talks

All times are in New York time (ET / GMT-4).

Schedule hosted at Time Speaker Title
Wed Jul 28 12:00 Burak Nehbit, Benedict Lau Aether: Democratic governance of P2P online communities
Wed Aug 04 12:00 Coraline Ada Ehmke Universal Social Contract
Wed Aug 18 12:00 Madelyn Rose Sanfilippo Co-production of EdTech Governance
Wed Aug 25 12:00 C. Thi Nguyen Value Capture
Wed Sep 01 12:00 Haiyi Zhu TBA

Past talks

Schedule hosted at Past times Speaker Title
Wed Jul 21 12:00 Sam Hart Introducing the Cosmos SDK governance module
Wed Jul 14 12:00 Jessy Kate Schlinger Civilization on the Moon
Wed Jul 07 12:00 Stacco Troncoso and Ann Marie Utratel DisCO: a governance/economic model for self-sustaining, mission-oriented, distributed organizations
Wed Jun 30 12:00 Metagov core-group Metagovernance Project governance
Wed Jun 23 12:00 Dylan Hadfield-Menell Artificial Intelligence Needs Normative Infrastructure
Wed Jun 16 12:00 Leon Erichson, Alex Randaccio, Matt Prewitt Introducing RxC Voice
Wed Jun 09 12:00 Bonnitta Roy Source code protocols for emerging culture
Wed Jun 02 12:00 Sascha Kellert Introducing Rekursiv
Wed May 26 12:00 Victoria Barnett Introducing Design Justice
Wed May 19 12:00 Ana Jamborcic Minimum Viable Governance
Wed May 12 12:00 Jessy Kate Schlinger Civilization on the Moon
Wed May 05 12:00 Shagun Jhaver Designing for Multiple Centers of Power: Multi-level Governance in Online Social Platforms
Wed Apr 28 20:00 Kelsie Nabben Does participatory governance enable resilience?
Wed Apr 21 12:00 Jane Im Reimagining and Building Social Platforms Grounded in Consent
Wed Apr 14 12:00 Matthew Pearl Mini-workshop ft. updates from previous Metagov speakers
Wed Apr 07 12:00 Clement Lesaege Introducing Kleros
Wed Mar 31 12:00 Miriam Ashton Introducing Metagov
Wed Mar 24 13:00 Howard Rheingold Online Community Governance: Six Case Studies
Wed Mar 10 12:00 Sarah Cone Introducing Column (
Wed Mar 03 12:00 Jay Graber Introducing the decentralized social ecosystem report
Wed Feb 24 12:00 Adam Cronkright Democracy as it should be: The power and promise of democratic lotteries
Wed Feb 17 12:00 Harold Davis Two Row Wampum Dialogue
Wed Feb 10 12:00 Joseph Seering Cooperative Responsibility in Content Moderation Systems
Wed Feb 03 12:00 Martin Etzrodt Introducing
Wed Jan 27 12:00 Tine de Moor and Amineh Ghorbani “Long term dynamics of institutions for collective action: using ABM as a complementary tool to support theory development in historical studies”
Wed Jan 20 12:00 Stevie Chancellor The Labor and Value of Online Volunteer Moderators
Wed Jan 13 12:00 Nicole Immorlica Identity as a social intersection
Wed Jan 06 13:00 Amelia Winger-Bearskin Indigenous Values for Ethical Tech Design and Development
Wed Dec 16 12:00 Jenna Bednar Robust federations, part 2
Wed Dec 09 12:00 Jenna Bednar Robust federations, part 1
Wed Dec 02 12:00 Joshua Tan and Michael Zargham Govbase: towards a registry of computational constitutions
Wed Nov 25 12:00 Pekko Koskinen ECSA Organizational Protocol
Wed Nov 18 12:00 Saba Siddiki and Christopher Frantz Developments in the analysis of institutional grammar
Wed Nov 11 12:00 Akseli Virtanen and Jorge Lopez Economic Grammar: Protocols for Post-Capitalist Economic Expression
Wed Nov 04 12:00 Thomas Cox Introduction to Blockchain Governance and IEEE P2145
Wed Oct 28 12:00 John Richardson Introducing Ethelo
Wed Oct 14 12:00 Matthew Pearl Virtual Resource Management: The Role of Property Systems and Experimentation in the Self-Governance of Virtual Worlds
Wed Oct 07 12:00 Bulent Ozel, Fang-jui Chang An augmented collective intelligence and deliberation framework in response to climate change
Wed Sep 30 12:00 Shauna Gordon-McKeon A Python Library for Digital Self-Governance
Wed Sep 23 12:00 Niloufar Salehi A restorative justice approach to online moderation
Wed Sep 16 12:00 Amanda Kiessel Governance on Good Market
Wed Sep 09 12:00 Casey Fiesler A Government of Their Own: Norms and Policies in Fan Communities
Wed Sep 02 12:00 Nathan Schneider and Seth Frey On Hirschman’s logics of exit and voice
Wed Aug 26 12:00 Bruno Chies, Nick Sellen, Philip Engelbutzeder, Janina Becker, Tilmann Becker Karrot: enabling participatory governance in grassroots resource-saving groups
Wed Aug 12 12:00 Colin Megill Algorithmic “listening at scale”
Wed Aug 05 12:00 Christopher Kelty Typologies of participation
Thu Jul 23 12:00 Ofer Tchernichovski Feedback systems and birdsong
Thu Jul 16 12:00 Joshua Tan Govbase: a compilation of projects in online governance
Thu Jul 09 12:00 Joel Dietz and Noah Thorp Games and governance: an open discussion
Thu Jul 02 12:00 Open Discussion How should we run the seminar in the future?
Thu Jun 25 12:00 Ehud Shapiro Digital Social Contracts: A Foundation for an Egalitarian and Just Digital Society
Thu Jun 18 12:00 Open Discussion What kinds of governance tools are missing out there? What gaps are we identifying across the domains we’ve considered? Where could our collective action be best directed?
Thu Jun 11 12:00 Jenny Fan Digital Juries: A Civics-Oriented Approach to Platform Governance
Thu Jun 04 12:00 David Stasavage The Decline and Rise of Democracy
Thu May 28 12:00 Abbey Titcomb Radicle Registry
Thu May 21 12:00 Burrrata The Burrrata Experiment: anonymity and governance in DAOs
Thu May 14 12:00 Panel discussion ft. Shermin Voshmgir DAOs as a new kind of institution
Thu May 07 12:00 Miguel Arana Catania Updating traditional governments to digital democracy: the Consul Project case
Thu Apr 30 12:00 Dandelion Mané Governance challenges at SourceCred
Thu Apr 23 12:00 Seth Frey TBA
Thu Apr 16 12:00 Amy Zhang PolicyKit: A System for Authoring and Enacting Governance in Online Communities
Thu Apr 02 12:00 Michael Zargham Towards Metagovernance as a Design Discipline: A Complex Systems Story
Thu Mar 26 12:00 Adrian Bednarek and Paul Stabnow Introduction to Overflow Labs
Thu Mar 19 12:00 Ed Saperia On COVID-19 Mutual Aid Groups


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