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I wonder how many of our uploaded tracks are genuinely ‘first time’ creates of metadata? Very few I suspect? And as we hope to onboard new key labels and their catalogue, we will do this automatically, using DDEX standard electronic release notices (ERN). Neither we, nor artists should be re-keying anything that has been registered already. We need to do some updating of historical metadata too. It’s vital we get those ISRC and ISNI codes all straight so we can automatically populate the metadata from source labels or metadata providers. It’s a big job and we should be on the lookout for specialist partners who make a business out of sorting out the metadata muddle for digital streaming platforms. See Music Story - Enhanced music experiences, international licenses for example. Anyonw know them? Any more suggestions of providers of this sort?

One day…

Where a track is brand new and we are the first to register it, we could do a few things ourselves for our co-operative ecosystem:

  • get set up to issue ISRC / ISWC codes (tracks / rights)
  • get set up to issue ISNI codes (artist / author ID)
  • set a track metadata standard as a Verifiable Credential with w3c
  • issue these VC’s as portable creds that artists hold in their own standard wallet (rather than rely on third party providers to aggregate and distribute for them)
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Not sure if this relates to what you’re addressing, but just thought I would drop this link in here that I found in the Ampled Discord for reference…feel free to delete this post if they aren’t relevant to the topic, I wouldn’t want to crowd the space.

Data Quality Initiative (DQI) - Mechanical Licensing Collective

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Thanks Sam! Very helpful.

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Oh, good! Thanks!

not sure if this is helpful, but i know this is work that is focusing on


Thanks for noting that Kevin! Just now jumping into conversations here so as to see if we can sync up.

see here for latest: Artist Dashboard - #16 by Nick_M

…please weigh in!