Midi music

Hello! This is my first post on here. I’m partly using it as an opportunity to plug my first album, Sweet Ride, which was just released, but also to see if there are any other folks on here who are interested in midi music!

I like using a Roland SC-55 soundfont for playback (and for converting my original midis to widely-supported formats).



I must admit that it has been quite some time since I’ve thought about straight-up MIDI music. That’s super-cool!

I primarily use a tracker, which is a different niche of similar vintage. Granted, my stuff as ‘remst8’ doesn’t sound particularly tracker-like…but it’s what I learned on when I got started, so it’s what I know.

Oh, that’s really cool! I’ve tried getting into trackers before, but they’re just so alien from everything I’ve used before—they seem plenty versatile, though!

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Cool stuff, gj! Can’t say I’m a regular midi fan but I’m a geek at the core so I of course enjoy it :smiley:

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Yeah, trackers are super-weird for people who are used to “traditional” tools. But I started with a tracker so that’s what seems “normal” to me.

I listened to your album today–great work! That Roland SC-55 soundfont really gave me some nostalgic vibes. I think a lot of tracker music I listened to used samples of synths with those same sounds. Rad!

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Thank you so much!

Thank you! Yeah, I really love that sound—one day I’d like to have a real SC-55 just for the novelty of running my compositions through it.

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