Minimal mobile apps for Android and iOS

as an avid tester of the iOS version, I think it would be beneficial to have an scheduled “testing party” in parallel with flipping the switch

  • create account
  • log in / log out
  • listen to track
  • favorite track
  • create playlist

It would be great to use the mailing list of people who want to volunteer to ask them to test.


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Do we have a day and time in mind for this testing party idea?

1 Like @boopboop Here is a Doodle calendar scheduling poll I created with times that work for me. I guess I technically don’t need to be there, so if there’s a time on there not listed that works for a lot of other people I can add that to the poll options as well. If everyone votes on a time, we can hopefully send an email out to our Volunteer Email List and get a few more folks involved through there.

People can either join the conference call and report their findings, or just test privately at home, and post in this thread their results.


Got it, @piper. I selected 5 PM to 10 PM tomorrow, 5 PM to 6 PM Friday, and 10 AM to 6 PM Saturday. Tomorrow would be ideal for me, but I understand if folks want/need more rallying time with volunteers.

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Probably also define if this is something people do privately or on a video call?

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Is anyone actively coordinating this? Or is it just you, @boopboop? Asking because @piper mentioned not needing to be there, and I’m not sure who your last response is directed towards. I’m not a dev and wouldn’t be able to change anything; I figured we’d want devs and testers on, and perhaps @brndnkng. Just want to know where everyone is at?

1 Like Sorry for the lack of clarity, I’m definitely happy and aiming to be there, I only added that part because the times I threw out are probably a bit timezone-centric to folks in the Americas. It also seems that @boopboop was not necessarily suggesting an online call and just encouraging everyone to merely try to test those bullet points and report their results back here in this thread. I’m certainly happy to still run a call on Jitsi Meet for folks who will be around to test at a certain time, but unfortunately only and I are the only ones who seem to have voted on the poll so far.

As far as I’m concerned, if we have people in the call and/or posting here that they tried every bullet point listed by @boopboop and no one runs into any hiccups, we should be good to go!

The goal here would be to get random people to use the app, not devs. Probably even better if they’re not devs.

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Yeah, I’m honestly for async testing and report-backs before giving it the green light, if you all are cool with that?

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Yeah, I think we should go with this route of async testing. I will run through these later this evening and post my results.

Consolidating all relevant information below for ease of use:

Test Build Links
Test on :robot: Android
Test on :apple: iOS

Testing Instructions

  • create account
  • log in / log out
  • listen to track
  • favorite track
  • create playlist

Okay, so the issues I’m having are issues I’ve seen brought up before:

  1. Formatting is messed up on this page after sign-up.

  1. It’s not letting me log in. I’m getting the message below.

I’ve even tried resetting password and haven’t even received an email for reset.

I’m unable to enable notifications (hitting the “Enable” button does nothing), which I’d imagine is related to the app not being live yet, and I have allowed cookies. Just FYI.

On desktop, it’s saying the password I’m entering is incorrect. So I’m stuck. Not sure what’s going on.

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Thank you for your feedback That’s strange, the formatting on the Join page looked okay on the phones I tried it on. Looks like it might need some fixing depending on the user’s screen size.

Yesterday I had a few friends test. I was able to perform all of the test actions with my old account, and create a new account and after waiting about a minute (presumably for the sync between the WordPress user database to occur behind the scenes) I was able to perform all of the test actions successfully. However, I had another friend, who had made an account a while ago and couldn’t get in even after resetting his password. I’ve advised him to reset his password and avoid using special characters, because I know that can break things.

Overall, it seems that folks are still being affected login/signup issues, which should be much alleviated after the transition away from WordPress is complete (no longer have to wait a minute for syncing, probably have more freedom with respect to password special characters, etc.). Maybe we should wait until that’s complete before switching the app to on? I’m also curious to hear how the testing worked for everyone else. Thanks everyone! :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: My friend who had experienced login troubles tried again with a new password without special characters and got in successfully., the notifications in the settings only are usable on Desktop at the moment (I think, at least it seems that way on iOS, not sure about Android). And that’s very strange that you haven’t received an email yet for a password reset, I’ve never run into that problem (nor did any of the folks I had testing with my yesterday).

I just made a very quick Android test, here is my feedback:

  • create account I did not test that (sorry)
  • when launching the app a first screen shows up and dismisses before I can read full disclaimer… on second launch the same screen seems to shows up and disappear even faster
  • log in / log out: the log in button is hidden by the keyboard once email and password have been entered (Fairphone 3+, don’t know what screen that is exactly)
  • listen to track: worked fine
  • favorite track: worked fine
  • create playlist: worked fine

Lastly I would suppose that after opening the “Learn” or “Profile” menus I could close them by tapping again on the menu but that was not the case. I can only close them by tapping outside. I don’t know if this is intended or not.


Thank you for your feedback, @maphr.

Can you let me know if going to in your phone’s default browser and performing these steps you get the same result? This will let me know if this is a problem with the website’s player’s code or the app’s code. Thank you!

I may be able to figure out how to make clicking the menu button close the menu, my current guess is it’s a problem with the website’s code. I will do some digging. This issue is a somewhat related problem where I can’t even click the menu on iOS in the app, but it appears to be an issue with the website player as well on my computer so I can test it there.

I don’t see any difference in the behavior except that in the browser I didn’t see the “first screen”. But when I launch the app now I don’t see it anymore . I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it to test and I didn’t see this “first screen” this time so I don’t know what that was.
Log in button is hidden by the keyboard also in the browser, except that in the browser I instinctively scrolled the page while in the app I didn’t try, probably not realizing that it was a scrollable page…

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Thank you for the additional info @maphr. When you get a chance (no rush), if you could please try to take a screenshot of the keyboard hiding the login button and post it here that would be really helpful!

Here you go:


Thank you for the screenshot @maphr, that helps me understand better. Yeah, it might be best to fix this screen for small screen sizes on the website itself (just moving things up slightly probably). I can actually re-enable the scroll bar on the right hand side, but it’ll feel less like an “app-like” experience - I had disabled it because most other phone apps I have don’t seem to have them. I also suspect the disclaimers you saw briefly were the cookie disclaimers we have in place currently.

I’ll try and work on a fix for the website to move it up for small screen sizes, as well as the formatting issue on the Join page identified by above.

EDIT: I just realized the entire login screen will change soon once the WordPress transition is complete, and it will be covered by a new page, so I will hold off on changes to the current login page. The new login page has less things above and below the username/password and login buttons so it should be visible on your phone @maphr. So I will focus my immediate attention solely on improving the UI issues with the Join page.

EDIT2: After doing some digging, I realized the current Join page is created by the old WordPress website. Once we’re transitioned off of that we will be displaying that information from our non-WordPress website with the proper formatting for all screens.

EDIT3: At this point, I’m going to dig and see what and where that notification setting applies (I’m guessing it enables notifications in desktop browsers, I’ve never seen it have any effect on mobile for me). If these settings have no effect for Android mobile users as well, I will aim to hide that setting for mobile users.



got the email invitation and the app looks great. Would love to give it a test run, but… I feel a bit intimidated to give feedback because there is already so much content here, I won’t be able to study all previous posts to decide, if my feedback would be new and valid or has already be mentioned.
I will try my best, but maybe you could come up with a more streamlined way to collect feedback from more average users who don’t live on forums or who are unfamiliar with bug reporting on software projects.

Kind of a meta feedback so far, sorry :wink:

My first real feedback: I did not immediately find the play buttons for individual tracks or at all for an album. (Android)