Missing Artwork/Blank Images

Whilst looking into something else, I noticed missing artwork (grey boxes) here and there.

Example: search for ‘noise’, the results ‘Infinite Noise’, ‘Noise is Therapy’, ‘I Heart Noise’ (and a few others) are all grey image boxes/missing artwork.

Checking these out, they seem to be labels without release, e.g., Resonate

Seeing as these don’t actually link to anything yet, should they be displaying at all in search results?

It depends, at least it should be listed at very bottom. The artist profiles do have a ‘last_activity’ timestamp which helps sorting.

For example: Resonate
Exquisite Noise Records should show up first.
Anyway, in this case none of the first 4 results should show up as there’s absolutely nothing to show.

I think i should filter out results if both biography text and last activity are not set. Also, adding a profile picture, links could count as a last activity timestamp.