Most Trusted Global Brands?

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Sorry I’ve been a bit M.I.A the past few weeks. Things have been a bit crazy, but I look forward to diving back into the community a bit more again.

Anyways, I just wanted to share this post I saw on LinkedIn: Google, PayPal most trusted: Rpt | LinkedIn

They mention that a global survey said people think Google, PayPal, and Microsoft are the 3 most trusted brands in the world!?!

I have my doubts about the survey and it’s validity, but that a-side, it started to get me asking the question of how important is data integrity and the lengths that Resonate plans to go to, in relation to some of Resonate’s other goals in creating more opportunities for artists to earn income, and building a community of artists and listeners in a cooperative setting?

Considering what I’ve learned from other Resonate members about big tech, and their ability to blatantly leverage data for their own good at the expense of others, I still believe Resonate’s values around data integrity and digital dignity are extremely important to have, but I just want to make sure that these same values aren’t setting up roadblocks for Resonate in the journey toward achieving some of our other goals centered around musicians and the Resonate community.

I know this conversation has been hinted at in other areas, like whether or not it’s in line with Resonate’s values to create an app for the Google Play Store, or for Resonate to just have an open-sourced Web App only, but I am interested to hear others’ thoughts on everything around this.

Can we reconcile some of these beliefs around data integrity and Resonate’s potential involvement with big tech to achieve a greater good, or should we work to leverage Resonate’s beliefs by educating more people about the importance of data integrity, what big tech is doing, and why Resonate is THE place to be for music streaming because of this, among other things?

I think that being consistent with our values (or at least “going to great lengths to get closer to being consistent with our values”) is not just an ethical issue, it is also a branding issue. In that aspect, sure, we lose some practical advantages by being consistent with our ethical values, but we also gain something practical: ideological users, which are also committed users. And, admittedly, also fragile users.

I think the niche of ideological users is not very large, but it is very valuable. People that are attracted to projects with a strong ideology, who are generally willing to be more patient with some inconveniences, and also willing to put their (our) money where their (our) mouth is.

I also feel this connects with the debate around pricing schemes that mentioned anti-fragility. We do not want to rely on a single characteristic to attract&retain users. In that respect, we don’t want to sacrifice everything else in the altar of ideological purity, but we don’t want to dismiss our values either. This can mean careful compromises between creating more opportunities for artists to earn income and protecting data integrity and digital dignity.


Right on, they’re like the innovators in the technology adoption life cycle or visionaries in Crossing the Chasm

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@agaitaarino, great answer, and @will, great information and connections as well!

Even if development takes more time due to the values that Resonate wants to maintain, as long as we are working on steps toward getting things done, that sounds like a win-win to me too.

Thank you both for your insight!

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