Music Uploads - How Perminent is Perminent?

Hi, literally just created my artist account,

Read these docs on submitting music: Submitting music - Docs - Resonate Community Forum and noted the line “Your submission should be a folder containing the following files, and hosted on either Google Drive, Dropbox, or another service which hosts links that do not expire.”

How long do you need this link to not expire for? - Until verification is completed? - For as long as I wish the content to be accessible on the platform? - Until some arbitrary point where resonate caches it?

I am uncomfortable putting anything I create on Dropbox or Google, therefore I will have to put it on my own server, so in addition I need to know how often this content will be accessed? Once, to copy it to your servers? - Every Day/Week/Month to check for changes? - or every time a user presses play?

As I am sure you can imagine how these files are accessed dramatically changes the infrastructure needed to host them.

To correctly provision this media for distribution with you a lot more detail on how the logistics work is needed.

Many thanks,

  • SEGFAULT (New artist and fellow programmer)
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Hi there, @SEGFAULT! Our upload volunteers go through submissions at their pace, so it is important that links to materials have not expired by the time they go to retrieve them and upload them to our system.

Generally, most releases are uploaded within a month – often much much faster.

Once uploaded, you’ll be notified, and you can delete the files.

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@Hakanto thats great news, I can upload the files to my personal nextcloud and provide private share links to the folder. That should be robust enough to last a month :smiley: .

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Wow, you have your own Nextcloud that’s rad! I used it for a bit through Collective Tools and it was a cool setup. Jealous you know how to set it up yourself!

We’ll come fetch those files. A month should be plenty.