MUSICAL DISCOVERY: November "community playlist" formerly "staff picks" - have your say

You are invited to share with the community your recent track discoveries, recommendations, old favourites, new obsessions and musical surprises. The playlist will be published in November - 30 tracks for 30 days.

Would love everyone to contribute up to 4 selections for the “Community Picks" playlist. Please try to vary artists by selecting music outside of your typical region, genre, with thought to different identities so we can showcase our full library!

To nominate a track/s, just drop the resonate link in the comments below.

Looking forward to listening!

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Here’s some tracks from countries that from what I can tell have not been represented in previous picks playlists (technically this isn’t possible for me to be 100% correct on, since many artists have null countries):

Zimbabwe :zimbabwe:
Continent: Africa

Brasil :brazil:
Continent: South America

New Zealand :new_zealand:
Continent: Zealandia

Indonesia :indonesia:
Continent: Eurasia

Maybe others will find the preliminary list below useful:

Table of Number of Artists by Country in Playlists by the Upload Account tracks_count
United States 115
null 96
United Kingdom 87
Germany 43
Canada 31
Italy 23
Netherlands 20
France 9
Australia 7
Portugal 6
Jamaica 6
Spain 5
Malawi 5
Mexico 4
Trinidad and Tobago 3
Argentina 3
Colombia 3
Korea, Republic of 3
Sweden 2
Japan 2
Russian Federation 2
Austria 2
Kenya 1
Switzerland 1
Turkey 1
China 1
Lebanon 1
Denmark 1
Ukraine 1
South Africa 1
Finland 1
Romania 1
Egypt 1
Cayman Islands 1