New member making music with EMI (electro-magnetic interference)

Hello there.

I’ve been long hoping to join this platform and here I am. I make music as GRST. I am based in Bradford, UK.

Much of my music is based around improvisation, with elements of drone, found sound and acousmatic/music concrete.

The first piece of music I have uploaded, exclusively on resonate, is from an ongoing project called D-EMI. Which stands for Drones & Percussion with Electro-magnetic Interference. In short, the project is a way for me to interact with specific locations and build sounds (especially percussion) that I capture from in-audible spectrum emitted from all electronic devices. There is a longer write-up of this project on my website. All the tools to capture EMI are re-purposed or DIY devices.

So, the release called ‘Neon Wakefield’, is a live cut from a 5-hour performance during an Art Walk across arts/social venues in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. And is in fact the only public Neon Workshop in the UK. I also did a write-up about that performance on my website too.

I plan to release a further un-cut live recording of another performance from the project that was performed at FUSE Art Space in Bradford exclusively on resonate too.


And the track is on the radio show on 17th July and it’s associated playlist. I like it a lot (and I’m also from Bradford, and I know GRST)


Thanks Argent Grub for the support! Yours is a brilliant show on CAMP Radio.

Maybe I should upload another live recording from the project with all the keen support ‘Neon Wakefield’ has recieved?

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I think you should!

As your tracks are longer than 3mins, you might be interested in the discussion about pricing for longer tracks, shorter tracks, albums etc: Does stream2own work for longform music? + exploring alternatives - #22 by Sam_Martyn