New Member Questions

Hey guys! Signed up to be a co-op member last week.

I got a “thank you” message and a receipt. Maybe a more comprehensive thank you message and walkthrough would help new members?

For instance, it would be nice to know where to find the bylaws or understand what being an owner gets me. Is it access to a monthly call? P&Ls? I’d be interested in knowing how/ when any kind of voting happens, etc. Or, is it just profit sharing?

I understand that not everyone will be curious about all this, but for the people like me who are - it would give me a greater perceived sense of ownership to have a better idea of what being an owner means for me.


Also, I can’t figure out how to purchase credits

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Have you been in touch with anyone through ?

There is a support page for purchasing credits:

The menu can be found on the top right on our beta app. You have to login first.

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@austin! Great to see you ‘in’ here. Cool suggestions, yes. Thank you! Makes me think we need a volunteer task list where I would put a task like: make a greeting protocol for first time visitors. Also kinda think the entire space could use a rethink. Was set up without much of a population in the place so things are a bit abstract. Please keep the ideas flowing. Feel free to build an Ampled Lounge!

I’m determined to spend more time in here and make this a sort of public square (or kitchen table) for the operation. (co-operation?). @peter Set it up in the spring and it’s been a long slow journey for me to start bringing my mental furniture in here and #occupy.

@Nick_M (Board Secretary) has started fleshing out a spot called “The Cooperative” with Official Documents and such here.

Meanwhile, bylaws etc are found at the bottom of our mainpage under Terms & Conditions.

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Started a new thread here: What is Resonate?

Further to go with providing a friendly and navigable introduction to this forum. Great task for an eager volunteer. :slight_smile:

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