📣 New on Resonate • November 13th

new this week

  • Call to Launch Forum Governance Circle: Looking for volunteers to coordinate regular meetups to discuss this forum and propose governance principles and routines for it. First proposed meetups are this Saturday.
  • Promo Cypher: At Repaired NationsVirtual Pan African Solidarity Conference and Black Co-ops Week , Resonate’s co-op executive Rich Jensen joined them to chat about fairer streaming.
  • Survey - Alternative Models of Music Streaming: The response deadline recently closed for Resonate’s survey submitted to the UK Government Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee inquiry into the Economics of Music Streaming. However, all future responses will be valuable to help Resonate refine our mission for fairer streaming and artist empowerment. Take the survey to add your perspective.

new releases

  • Resonate Co-op welcomes new artist members from Cameroon, Spain, Michigan, Oregon, & Washington DC.

welcome to new artists

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If you are featured on this week’s release blog and wish to have a different track featured, please message @Hakanto – We can change it to whichever you’d prefer from your release! Note that only the first 45 seconds of the track are available in the preview.