📻 New on Resonate Oct 16th

Three new releases today, with one more on the way Friday! We’ve been able to set up embedded track previews on the blog page too, come take a look. Thanks to @onapoli for the great idea.

If you are featured on this week’s release blog and wish to have a different track featured other than the one I’ve picked out for you, please message me – I can change it to whichever you’d prefer from your release! However, note that only the first 45 seconds of the track are available in the preview.

Welcome to our new artists at Resonate

Kangding Ray
Contemplator @CPacaud
Theo B @TheoB

And thank you to music uploading volunteers

Omar @onapoli
Augustin @auggod

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Thank you @Hakanto ! The player looks great, and the featured tracks selection is awesome!


Fantastic work - and music! The embedded track previews are great tasters for the tunes.