📣 New on Resonate Oct 30th

New this week:

  • Dream Control: An Interview by board member @zetto.plus with new Resonate artist – comedian and musician Zack Fox
  • Community Credentials: An introduction to Resonate’s new Co-operative Privacy and Trust project for digital dignity across communities. Partnered with Pavilion Co-op and VerifiableCredentials.
  • Staff Picks November: With Staff Picks, Resonate’s team strives to highlight music from artists across countries and genres. Go explore with this selection of 50 tracks by new and established members of the co-op.
  • Player Updates Resonate developer @auggod and secretary @Nick_M put some behind-the-scenes polish on the Resonate Player. Among the updates is a redesigned Top Favorites section. More priority is now given to recently favorited tracks, helping keep Top Favs fresh.

Welcome to new artists at Resonate

Zack Fox
Breaka of @beatmachinerecords

Artist members sharing new creations

Aniela @Aniela

And thank you to music uploading volunteers

Omar @onapoli
Augustin @auggod

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If you are featured on this week’s release blog and wish to have a different track featured, please message @Hakanto – We can change it to whichever you’d prefer from your release! Note that only the first 45 seconds of the track are available in the preview.


Great week! I am enjoying the Staff Picks a lot!

@Hakanto thank you for the energy you’re putting into Resonate. It is inspiring!


Thanks, Omar! And thank you for handling the uploads themselves – your work here has been essential!

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Happy to join the fam