New Page not updating? (Or just no new content?)


I was away for a while and loaded up the “new” page and it’s not changed. Is it working? Or is it just that nothing new has been added for a while?

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The process of changing the featured artists and labels is still manual. Maybe @Nick_M can help on automating this using the play analysis dashboard.

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We are past due for posting new content. Bit of lull a from the end of last year and switching in to new uploader scenario. Thanks for the note @lindner! We have a backlog of fresh morsels to set out next week!

No worries. I’ll continue in my quest to listen to every artist on the platform…


Any news on uploading? I have some more releases I’d love to upload. :slight_smile:

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Dismayed to still see nothing new.

What’s gong on? If I was a board member this would be a huge red flag indicating some underlying structural problem.

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Hey Paul, I feel you on your comment. We’ve been looking at the efficacy of this forum and considering alternative designs. Open to suggestions.

For my part, I have been distracted by year-end Administrative demands and not keeping up my end of communication as we make transitions with both infrastructure (NEW UPLOAD TOOL) and seating new Board members with the end of current Chair’s term.

We’ve also been making valuable connections with artists and curators to engage when the new tools are in place (days away, not months).

Again, I take personal responsibility for not making this work more public. I appreciate your sharp critique and will adjust my patterns of engagement. Please keep pressing where you see fit.

(And yes, solid call. New artist features are required to demonstrate life.)

We could also use more engagement from the community. Folks with energy to share can bring it here and/or reach me at

Thanks Paul. ~r

Thanks Rich.

Understand that a new upload process could cause an issue, especially if you’ve shut down the old one first. (There’s a saying that there are only two kinds of systems, those that are deprecated and those that are not ready yet…)

Is there a way to delegate the responsibility for new content? Is it something a volunteer(s) could be trusted to manage?

We have artist/curators in the queue, representing a variety of styles and communities. I reached out to one this morning (after your sharp noodge :upside_down_face:) and will have fresh features on the home page no later than tomorrow.

To be honest, taking over and catching up with admin processes, implementing technical improvements, proposing out a business plan, fund-raising, cultivating community engagement, governance, and outreach through the last few months has been daunting, particularly in the wake of the Coop’s 2018 funding partner’s collapse.

But I knew it would be challenging when I took on the role. :slight_smile:

I know could be doing a much better job of keeping interested parties in the loop and resolve to do so.

I see a path forward for the team and community and am resolutely convinced the coop is in an amazing and singular position to take advantage of the general public’s growing social and political awareness and anxieties about Web 2.0 technical infrastructure, ie. surveillance, monopoly, climate insecurity, etc. Where that circle intersects with independent media, support for emerging artists, and music is the section of the Venn diagram where this coop can shine.

We aren’t there yet, but we are very close.

This seems like a good prompt to expand on these topics, perhaps as a new thread gathering discussion items for a Members meeting in March.

Among other things this could be a place to outline the current work and secure priorities and engagement from the membership.

I’ll start a new thread / topic.

Wow, thanks. I realize there are a ton of challenges to overcome, and hope that I can contribute more than just asking questions.

/me goes to listen to more tracks…

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Yay! New tracks! (was getting a little worried…)

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New beautiful uploader thanks to @auggod

Good idea @auggod I will have a look to see if I can use the ‘new this month’ from our stats dashboard as a source for the featured artists by default. Would be good to find a place on the site for the stats dashboard itself…