New release e-mail, album links, and incorrect latest release

I’m putting this under website but probably crosses a couple of categories.

I wanted to share my experience, recently uploading a new release to Resonate.

The e-mail I received confirming the release was live contains the artist link

On the player I can only actually share links to tracks, not an album page.

Firstly, what I actually want is a link to the album/ep/single, rather than an artist page.

A link to a release is far more useful (to me anyway) for sharing on social media/email lists etc. I also link to resonate from my own website, per album, and so album links would be preferred here too.

Secondly, the artist page itself says my latest release is ‘Live at Hatch…’ rather than the newly uploaded and more recent ‘Always on the Move…’ Is this an error? Or a behind the scenes process that updates independently, on a different timescale?

Finally, even if the latest release was working for me as expected, artist rather than album link isn’t very user friendly if, e.g., I want to share an old release I might have to say ‘the third release on page 2’ which of course isn’t static as my releases grow, let alone user friendly.

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Just noting, that much of this seems to be dealt with by the new player (certainly album links).

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topic: updating the email

Updating the email →

To be 100% on the same page, you’re saying you want this release link to be in the email that currently goes out when a release is finished uploading process?

This seems fine for me now, the latest one is the 2021

Always on the Move, Always Going Somewhere, Though Where This Will Be Is Not Entirely Pre­dictable

Would some explanatory text in the email help with this? Like “This release will be viewable at < artist page link > later today”

I’m still seeing the 2020 release as latest release on several browsers and with cleared cache.

The 2021 release appears below this at the top of the releases under ‘latest release’ highlight.

Personally, yes, I’d find that link far more useful. How problematic is it to link to the beta player at this stage though? How stable are those links when the player comes out of beta?

Also, I’m having a rubbish day. This started as, ‘this, to my mind, could be better’ and now is ‘the tools are all already there and pointed to’ so sorry for the noise. The latest release seems like the more compelling issue now.

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Thanks for sharing this, @thehouseorgan. You uploading music and making observations over the past two weeks has been an incredible help.

That email that went out announcing that your new release was on the player may have looked automated, but it was really a manual email from me :sweat_smile:. I send those out every Friday to artists who have new music published; an example of clunky manual processes that eventually we’ll replace with automated notifications.

In that email, I’ve been including the link to the artist page on the old player simply because we haven’t officially moved to the new player yet. I grimace a bit when I send it because the new player is so much better; been conflicted about it. Once we officially switch, I agree with you, we should definitely link to the release page rather than the artist page.

The old player at will be shut down when we officially switch to the new player, so we’re not doing any more work on the old one. Any feedback you have on the new player’s format is super helpful!


@thehouseorgan On your artist page on the new player, your releases are displaying in the correct order. Not sure why it is incorrect on the old player…

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