New Text/Copy For Resonate Player Landing Page

The new Connection section looks appealing to me @Sam_Martyn . Would be great to have more opinions.

Regarding the Play fair section, I’ve come up with this:

Play Fair Community Streaming
An initiative for giving the possibility to artists and listeners from areas with weak internet connection to benefit from Play Fair music streaming. As a result, more global exposure would be given to local music communities and traditional music, which are currently at risk.

Any feedback or improvement suggestions are welcomed! :grinning:


@Sam_Martyn @auggod @onapoli Putting in some time today to brainstorm this topic. I’ll share ideas soon :palm_tree:


Got busy with AGM prep! Ideas postponed yet again! :upside_down_face:

Hi all, sorry I haven’t followed up with this in a while, but I just wanted to get everyone’s final thoughts on the copy/text for this landing page. We can always make more improvements in the future, but I just wanted to finalize something that I could send to the developers so they can add it to the new player.

@Hakanto, I know you mentioned having a few thoughts on this, so please feel free (along with anyone else) to add some improvements to this landing page copy by Monday (1/18/2021). I will send it over to the developers then to have them add any improvements to the page, and hopefully we can go live with the new version of the player soon, as a result.


  • Sam

I’ll try to get more ideas over the weekend too.


Thanks! I think we have a really solid list so far, but yea if anything pops up for anyone, feel free to drop it in here and I can bring everything together and send it over.

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Really appreciate this @Sam_Martyn and @onapoli! Nice builds there for the player text!


Maybe on the PFCS paragraph, make it a bit shorter, and ‘active’ mood rather than passive, in line with the other less formal text:

“Play Fair Community Streaming” means that local artists and listeners without good internet can also enjoy streaming in their neighbourhood. They can sync up with global Resonate to share their music and stories more widely, safely and fairly.


I agree with your view @Nick_M , maybe we could take the text you mentioned as base and tweak it if necessary.

Yea, that all sounds good to me!

Here are some initial thoughts:

The welcome page for the Player doesn’t say “Resonate” anywhere on it, so I think our very first section should be a brief description of Resonate itself.

Each section could have a couple links under it for curious readers to find out more info on particular subjects. The new version of the player no longer has the [learn] button up top, so we’ll need to use this new welcome space very effectively.

Features like “ability to search by genre”, while new to Resonate and very exciting, are rather standard fare across streaming services. Instead, on this main page, we should lean into highlighting what are currently our most unique features: being co-operatively owned and the stream2own model itself.

The following text is placeholder as I try to work out the ideas.

a music streaming platform owned and run by its members – artists, labels, listeners and builders

[explore catalog] [become a member]

Direct artist support.
our stream2own model ensures that your listening supports the artists you love. all profits are invested back into our community.

[what is stream2own] [earnings & profits]


Hi all,

I have tried my best to combine everyone’s thoughts for this topic into this document:

Please review and let me know your thoughts within about 20 hours, as I am hoping to finalize this for @auggod soon!

A few questions that I had while creating this:

  1. Do we have all of the info and links setup if we had the suggested buttons? (@Hakanto great suggestions!)

  2. Double check the “Ownership” and “Community Streaming” sections (@onapoli & @Nick_M)

  • I tried my best to combine both play fair community streaming descriptions, so let me know how I did, or if I should just go with a description that’s already listed in this topic. Also, do I need to have the “play fair” part, or can we take that out to make it shorter?
  1. @auggod, Are These People Already Listeners, or What Type of Call to Action (CTA) can we have to get people creating a listener account, and/or adding credits to Resonate?

Thank you everyone, and hopefully this work will help get the new Resonate Player one step closer to launch!

– Sam Martyn


Regarding the CTA for listeners… we used to (or still do) have a .128 credit gift for all new listeners, so they can start listening instantly without buying. @auggod is that still in place? If so, I think it makes for a good CTA. [Peter]


Yea, I believe so! As long as this landing page isn’t for people who have already signed up and received free credits, that is a great call to action. Thanks Peter!


I am a little late on this, but I appreciate everyone’s thoughts on this, and I am feeling pretty good about what we came up with!

Please view the final outline for the Resonate Player Landing Page here: Resonate Player Landing Page Copy (Final Draft)

If all looks good, I can work more with @auggod to help implement this work onto the actual web page.

Let me know if anyone has any other questions or comments.

Thank you!


@Sam_Martyn Great stuff! I would add that we need to remove the ‘New releases added daily!’ part because we probably can’t commit to this.

About the line ‘keep your music library synced with you at all times…’ in features in development, it’s not really a feature in development. What I mean by this is that as opposed to Spotify, when you stop paying, you don’t loose access to anything, and obviously it’s ad free. I think we should mention that too. The missing feature would really be offline support as well as being able to download tracks in various formats.

Here is a link to the designs we can use: Dropbox - RESONATE - Simplify your life
It may take some time until we get a new set.

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Here’s a screenshot of the result

The logo has a random style upon load and if you click on it, acts as a play/pause button (no sound). the logo animation runs once.


Thanks for clarifying these features, and I can definitely make those changes.

I also love the designs too!

We can definitely work with those.

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WOAH @auggod I love the way you implemented that logo by Bridget M! I love that it’ll be different every time someone arrives on the page ^___^

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I decided to not run an animation when we click on the logo but rather just change to another logo instead. Prefer to avoid flashing images. Anyway, I’ll release that soon for testing.