Newsletter subscriptions

I don’t think we had this feature before the new id system. Should it default to true for all existing and active users and false for the new ones? Right now it defaults to false. For active listeners (2022) it is set to true. I think it makes sense to reduce our email list based on listener’s activity, last connection.

We also have a proper email verification system now.

Every time we send a newsletter we should update the email list. Also, it’s possible to use mailgun instead of mailchimp.


Hey, this is great!

Definitely keep it unchecked for new people (I think we have to, legally), but for existing and active users, I think the default as checked is good.

As it pertains to updating email lists and where we are sending emails from, I think it is crucial that we have one central system that manages all Resonate contacts and provides a way for us to communicate with them, even if we had to have syncs/APIs connected to other systems that allow us to sync data in real-time.

Right now, I was going to work with @sganesh to try and make that centralized place our new Zoho (Campaigns) account, so if we could set up a sync from your systems/forms to Zoho, that could be helpful, or if we have acces to Mailjet’s email builder within Mailgun, and Mailgun allows for easy list management and segmentation (not too familiar with the program myself), then I could see about using Mailgun as the main email communication and contact management system as well if it’s already integrated with what you’re setting up.

Interested to hear other’s thoughts here, but for me, one centralized place to manage all Resonate contacts and easily communicate with them is a must!

Thanks! :slight_smile: