[November Featured Playlist Decision] Nominate a playlist to be featured on Resonate

Welcome to the nomination period for a collaborative decision on November’s featured playlist.

Nominations from any forum member will be accepted through 2021-10-15T04:00:00Z.

Read below for a description of the mechanics or just reply to this forum topic with a link to a public Resonate playlist.

Looking for inspiration? Check out existing public playlists here.

Currently featured playlist: Staff Picks #Aug21


This is version 1 of the decision making process. Each cycle of the process lasts for a calendar month.

What are we voting for

We can nominate any playlist, whether created by a human or machine. The playlist has to be two items or more.

How are playlists nominated ← we are here!

Replying to this topic with an embed, or link of the playlist. This nomination period lasts for 2 weeks.

How are playlists voted for

Nomination period ends, and poll is created in the OP of the process topic with links all nominations in posts. Voting lasts for 2 weeks.


My nomination, Major Tom’s Deep Space Mix, comes from my two current preoccupations: space and work. I often want something ambient or electronic to listen to when I’m working (particularly coding), and I have an enduring amateur love of astronomy. It’s still a slight WIP, but will take final form over the next week.

What Major Tom is listening to when floating past the Orion Nebula.


My submission (Metal “Metal” Mundial):

After being exposed to a lot of metal music since it’s so popular at the gym, this playlist explores genres adjacent to metal that sound like metal to me, and metal outside the regions most known for metal music. Here’s my trying to understand.

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