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Hi @community,

Hoping to have a transparent measurement process of musical diversity I made this twitter bot with Zapier to poll the currently playing 3-4 times a day and generate tweets with a link to the track.

While we work through and discuss various topics / plans / issues with supporting diverse artists (and listeners) on the platform, hopefully this will be useful supporting material to help build intuitions on how to better support artists in general.

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Just based on eyeballing the sampling, the biggest indicator of getting listens seems to be to be the releases being “recently added” (and therefore featured on the front page). The tracks on featured playlist also seem to be getting a boost. Another indicator seems to be engagement of the artists with Resonate - linking back to the platform from their websites / patreons / social media.

I’ve tried influencing the sampler by playing my collection (I’ve already paid for it) in a tab on mute but as an individual it’s not as easy as I thought it would be. To really influence it I’d probably need to have a list of tracks that is 24 hours long and have multiple collaborators playing the same list.

Encouraging members to share their releases and playlists on the forum and their websites would probably make an impact.


This is really cool!

I thought currently playing was only for songs I listened to. So this is an entire history of listens by every user on Resonate?

Have you thought about doing some data viz for this as well?


it’s plays in the past 4 hours ordered by # distinct users. It makes no distinction between paid / already paid / free plays.

The goal was to not think of it in terms of overall popularity, more like a pulse of what’s happening now.


Sampling at midnight and ~5-6 AM UTC-5 (New York time) from Nov 4 2021 - Dec 20 - 2021. Things might be a bit off, but it should be good for a rough overview.

Wed, Thu, Fri have more activity during these times than Sat, Sun, Tue.

Total samples: 79

In 1/4 of the samples, nothing is playing. There is an opportunity to kill some of this dead time by playing something at this time during weekends.


hey all, mentioned here #resonatedeadair twitter bot, I updated the twitter bot to tweet #resonatedeadair when there’s nothing playing.

Assuming the pattern continues of slow days being Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday, what would we feel about logging on and playing some tracks by artists from under-represented regions?

For example, the whole of South America, Africa, and Australasia don’t get much air time.

It would be nice to “officially” share some (any) tracks on the resonate twitter account during slow days, but even without that there’s nothing stopping us from hitting the play button.