Now taking pre-orders on our first merch item - 'Music Ecosystem' by Bridget M!

We have our very first t-shirt available to order over on everpress.

"Music Ecosystem” by illustrator Bridget M, one of a series of images made for Resonate. On a classic white tee with a limited edition black & yellow print.

Other designs and styles will follow, also at different price points, from next week!


It would be great to get stickers too!

I have ordered one from stickermule (got a free sample). It’s a transfer sticker.

Got it there:


:boom: :star_struck: :boom:


What do you think would be the best dimensions for our sticker logo variations? I ordered default 4 in. By chance it exactly fits over my glowing apple logo.


yes, we need stickers. we will have a look at sticker mule @sganesh


Added the logos to dropbox


@auggod and @sganesh i was thinking about the logos and how if we put a few of them together in a grid they would make a really great t-shirt/hoodie design as well.

what do you think? the current t-shirt run ends on friday and i would like us to put up new merch straight away. perhaps the monochrome tees suggested by @brndnkng and a logo grid.


Sincerely, not being a big fan of the previous one with the “grass and vinyls” things, I’d welcome a very simple one with just the logo

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we’re waiting to do that until we can find an embroidered option - which will look better and be more durable for a t-shirt.

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Oh fancy! Embroidery is lovely.

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